Conference and Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings of the 1st ASEAN-MRC Water Security Dialogue: Solutions for a Changing Region

This is the proceedings of the 1st ASEAN–MRC Water Security Dialogue, organized on 19–20 August 2021. It captures key messages from the Dialogue, which serves as a platform to exchange novel ideas and identify possible areas for collaboration to further strengthen regional and local capacities in addressing water scarcity, water pollution, and water-related disaster risks, such as flood and drought. The inaugural ASEAN–MRC Water Security Dialogue tables three thematic solutions related to policy, technology, and partnership that can help countries in the Mekong and broader ASEAN address existential water security challenges that confront the region.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajutqy | Published on: 10 Jun 2022 | Language: English

3rd MRC International Conference: Summary and Way Forward
Enhancing Joint Partners towards Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Mekong River Basin

Held in Cambodia in 2018, the 3rd MRC International Conference focuses on “who has to be involved in the sustainable management and development of the basin, to achieve the SDGs” under the overall motto of the 3rd Summit ‘One Mekong, One Spirit’. The report features key messages of the Conference.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg6bi | Published on: 08 Apr 2019 | Language: English

Mekong Learning from Rhone: An Exchange Visit Report

This report provides an overview of what the MRC has learned from the Compagnie National du Rhône (CNR) regarding various approaches in managing and operating multi-purpose dams.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg6qk | Published on: 06 Jul 2018 | Language: English

2nd Regional Stakeholder Forum on the Pak Beng Hydropower Project: Forum Report

This report is a record of the proceedings of the 2nd Regional Stakeholder Forum on the Pak Beng Hydropower Project hosted by the MRC Secretariat on 5 May 2017 in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg7k8 | Published on: 15 Jun 2017 | Language: English

Regional Stakeholder Forum on the Pak Beng Hydropower Project and the Council Study: Forum Report

This report is a record of the proceedings of the Regional Stakeholder Forum on the Pak Beng Hydropower Project and Council Study hosted by the Lao Government and the MRC Secretariat on 22-23 February 2017 in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg7s2 | Published on: 28 Mar 2017 | Language: English

Dialogue Workshop Report on Lessons Learnt from the Implementation of the Procedures for Notification, Prior Consultation and Agreement (PNPCA)

This Report captures the observations made by the participants on the employing the PNPCA as a mechanism to facilitate inter-State communication and cooperation regarding planned projects which might impact on the regime of the Mekong.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg7s6 | Published on: 09 Feb 2017 | Language: English

4th Regional Stakeholder Forum on the Basin Development Strategy: Forum Proceedings
Moving towards optimal development of the Mekong River Basin

The report describes results from the discussions at the 4th Regional Stakeholder Forum organised as part of the preparation of the Basin Development Strategy (BDS), under the theme of “Moving towards Optimal Development of the Mekong River Basin”.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg82a | Published on: 01 Aug 2015 | Language: English

Cooperation for Water, Energy, and Food Security in Transboundary Basins under Changing Climate

The report presents the main contributions from the participants of the MRC's international conference entitled: Cooperation for Water, Energy and Food Security in Transboundary Basins under Changing Climate, held in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam from 2–3 April, 2014.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgf87 | Published on: 03 Sept 2014 | Language: English

1st Rhine-Mekong Symposium: Climate Change and its Influence on Water and Related Sectors

This paper reports on key discussions and results of the 1st Rhine-Mekong Symposium, held on 8-9 May 2014 in Koblenz, Germany. The participants recognise the common challenges and differences as well as the potential for further cooperation.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgfcb | Published on: 08 May 2014 | Language: English