PNPCA Prior Consultations

The prior consultation is a process under the Procedures for Notification, Prior Consultation and Agreement, or PNPCA. It’s a process for the MRC Member Countries and other stakeholders to discuss and review benefits and address associated risks of any water-use project proposed for the mainstream, which may have potential significant cross-border impacts on the Mekong river flow regimes, water quality and other environmental and socio-economic conditions.

The PNPCA is one of the five sets of MRC Procedural Rules on water quality, data sharing, water use monitoring, water flow maintenance, and water use cooperation to support the implementation of the 1995 Mekong Agreement. The MRC has concluded the prior consultations for five hydropower projects: Xayaburi, Don Sahong, Pak Beng, Pak Lay and Luang Prabang, and is carrying out the consultations for the Sanakham project. These projects are situated in the Mekong mainstream in Lao PDR.