Senior Management and Technical Leads

Dr Anoulak Kittikhoun
Chief Executive Officer
MRC Secretariat

Dr Anoulak is the leader of the MRC Secretariat and represents the MRC to external parties.

Mr Santi Baran
Chief Strategy and Partnership Officer
Office of Chief Executive Officer

Mr Tran Minh Khoi
Administration Division

Mr Khoi oversees the overall management of the operations of administrative services, information systems and technology, financial transactions and human resources.

Ms Buntheung Sanethavong
Chief Finance Officer
Administration Division

Ms Buntheung technically leads the organisation’s financial functions, including accounting, procurement, treasury and corporate finance.

Mr Hak Socheat
Environmental Management Division

Mr Socheat oversees the implementation of the MRC’s core river basin management functions such as environmental monitoring, analysis and assessment, and management planning support.

Dr So Nam
Chief Environment Management Officer
Environmental Management Division

Dr So Nam technically leads the organisation’s work on strategy for basin-wide environmental management, monitoring and impact assessment, and joint environmental monitoring of Mekong mainstream hydropower projects.

Mr Bountieng Sanaxonh
Planning Division

Mr Bountieng oversees the development of basin development related strategies, supports the implementation of the MRC’s Procedures, and oversees the MRC’s assistance in hydropower, navigation, socio-economics, agriculture and irrigation, and climate change sectors.

Dr Thim Ly
Chief River Basin Planner
Planning Division

Dr Ly technically leads role in the formulation of basin development strategy and plan, and supervises the implementation of activities related to hydropower, navigation, socio-economics, agriculture and irrigation, and climate change adaptation.

Dr Winai Wangpimool
Technical Support Division

Dr Winai oversees the MRC’s work on river monitoring, database and information system, modeling tools, flood and drought forecasting, and supervises implementation of MRC procedures related to data and information sharing.

Dr Lam Hung Son
Head of Regional Flood and Drought Management Center
Technical Support Division

Dr Son manages the RFDMC and is technically supervising the flood and drought monitoring and forecasting work of the MRC.

Chief Hydrologist
Technical Support Division

Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha
Chief Human Resources Officer
Administration Division

Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha technically leads the organisation's Human Resources related functions and operations.