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Awarded Tender Information

Title Date Posted Status
Contract No. 056-2023 Supply Spare Parts for MRC Hydromet Stations. 1 Dec 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 051-2023 “Consultancy Services Firm for construction of the new parking lot, security guard fort, badminton court, fence upgrading, and renovation of MRC Sign board, sidewalk, driver room, and old canteen. 6 Nov 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 045-2023 “Consultancy service firm for Assessing the MRCS Financial Reports and Account Policy to comply with the International Public Sector Accounting Standard " 29 Sept 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 039-2023 “River Measurement Equipment for MRCS" 10 Aug 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 038-2023 “ADCP Equipment for MRCS" 10 Aug 2023 Awarded
Purchase Order No. 23-050 “IT Equipment for MRCS" 15 May 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 018-2023 “Consultancy Service Firm for the Supply and Installation of Drought Monitoring Equipment” 6 Apr 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 021-2023 “Consultancy Service Firm for MRCS’ Cleaning, Gardening and Pest Control Services” 6 Apr 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 020-2023 “Consultancy Service Firm for Procuring of Exhibition Production and Management Firm for 4th MRC Summit 2023" 4 Apr 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 005-2023: Consultancy Services External Auditor to Audit MRCS Accounts for 2022-2024 28 Feb 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 054 -2022: Implementation of the Proactive Regional Planning to Develop an Adaptive Basin Plan 6 Jan 2023 Awarded
Contract No. 045-2022: Spare Parts for the MRC HYCOS Project 11 Nov 2022 Awarded
Contract No.041-2022: Implementation Pilot Projects for Mekong Water Infrastructure Operations 14 Oct 2022 Awarded
Contract No. 042-2022: IT equipment with configuration for offsite data backup, Business Continuity and Data Discovery Plan for the MRCS 4 Oct 2022 Awarded
Purchase Order No. 22-030, 031 & 032: IT equipment and accessories for MRCS 18 May 2022 Awarded
Contract No. 060-2021: Supply a Vehicle TOYOTA Land Cruiser for MRCS 14 Jan 2022 Awarded
Contract No. C063-2021: Consultancy Services Firm for Renovation and Maintenance MRC Secretariat Roofing, External Building Painting and Upgrade Conference’s Rest Room” 23 Dec 2021 Awarded
Contract No C059-2021: Consultancy Services Firm for Gardening 23 Dec 2021 Awarded
Purchase Order No. 21-090: ADCP Equipment for MRCS 14 Oct 2021 Awarded
Purchase Order No. 21-055: ADCP Equipment for MRC-LNMC 14 Jul 2021 Awarded
Contract No C041-2021: Consultancy Services Firm for Security Services for MRCS 8 Jul 2021 Awarded
Contract No C027-2021: Consultancy Services Firm for Supply, installation and configuration of Audio and Video Conferencing System for MRCS 9 Jun 2021 Awarded
Purchase Order No. 21-034-35: IT equipment and Accessories for MRCS 3 Jun 2021 Awarded
Purchase Order No. 21-007: Furniture for MRCS Conference room and Meeting room 308 10 Mar 2021 Awarded