The first two pieces in this issue cover riverine plastic in the Mekong following the publication of the MRC’s first-ever report on the topic in December last year. The first article identifies 19 fish species affected and the second looks at a novel technique for removing plastic that’s been deployed in the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam. We also examine priorities for protecting and restoring fish habitats in the Lower Mekong, an unprecedented series of dolphin deaths in Cambodia and recent developments in green finance.


Table of Contents


4 Riverine plastic (1)
Report identifies 19 fish species affected by plastic entanglement or ingestion

8 Riverine plastic (2)
Cleanup group wins growing support as plastic ‘interceptor’ deployed in Can Tho

12 Capture fisheries
Protecting and restoring fish habitats in the Lower Mekong Basin

20 Cetaceans
Three Irrawaddy dolphins found dead over seven-day period

26 Green finance (1)
ASEAN lawmakers promote ESG action including performance indicators

30 Green finance (2)
Green borrowing forecast to drive rebound in sustainable bonds this year

34 Climate change and biodiversity
Implications of the latest UN conferences on climate change and biodiversity

40 Conservation
Endangered fishes among thousands released near Cambodia Royal Palace

46 Prices



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