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CC 25 2 cover   09 September 2019

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 25, No 2

Our latest issue highlights the MRC’s latest water quality monitoring for the Lower Mekong which shows a slight improvement in water quality. We also examine environmental change on the Mekong floodplain, fish diversity in a Lao tributary, recent MRC work modeling the impacts of climate change and a Japanese company’s development of appetite software for feeding farmed fish.
cce 25 1 final may23 cover   23 May 2019

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 25, No 1

This edition highlights growing investment in fisheries-related activities in the Lower Mekong — from a $17 million project to develop soybean feed in Cambodia to a $174 million broodstock development and farming site in the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam. In the ornamental fish sector, we feature the recent groundbreaking for a large new aquarium in Siem Reap, part of the first phase of a US-Cambodian-Japanese venture to develop an $70 million wildlife park near the Tonle Sap Lake. Elsewhere, we look at the importance of fisheries in northeast Thailand and the recent redesign of the Xayaburi hydropower project in northern Lao PDR.
CC 24 3 1 cover   26 December 2018

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 24, No 3

This issue examines indiscriminate fishing around the Tonle Sap Lake and possible impacts of climate change on ecological systems in the region and inland fisheries worldwide. It also looks at new guidelines for transboundary environmental impact assessments and recent developments in the market for water snakes.
CC 24 2 1 Cover   03 August 2018

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 24, No 2

In this issue, we look at the expected impact of climate change on Mekong fisheries and how plunging prices for solar energy are affecting global electricity markets. We also examine how inland fisheries help sustain development and what the Mekong region can learn from Israel’s approach to various water-related technologies.
CC 24 1 cover   29 May 2018

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 24, No 1

In this issue, we summarize the findings of a six-year MRC study on how water development projects are expected to affect the Lower Mekong Basin. We also look at research into designing river flows to improve food security and the outcomes of three separate summit meetings of Mekong prime ministers between January and April. In addition, we report on how the population of Mekong dolphins has risen for the first time since records were established 20 years ago.
CC 23.3 final 7 Dec 2017 cover   07 December 2017

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 23, No 3

In this issue, we examine a regional agreement to promote sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, a separate plan to combat antimicrobial resistance in the region and the MRC’s development of joint environment monitoring of Mekong mainstream hydropower projects. In addition, the December edition looks at whether urban aquaculture can help meet the world’s growing demand for fish and features a new study on a Mekong tributary in northeast Thailand.
Catch and Culture 23 Issue 2   28 June 2017 , Vientiane, Lao PDR

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 23, No 2

In this issue, we look at a global biosecurity alert over a new virus affecting tilapia, the latest Mekong catfish scare in Europe and the extension of a fisheries cooperation agreement between Cambodia and Viet Nam. We also examine the prospects for floating solar power plants as well as water quality, ecology and fisheries issues related to a new hydropower project in Lao PDR.
CC 23.1 Final   09 May 2017

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 23, No 1

In this issue, we examine the growing appetite for giant endangered fish species and recent developments in aquaculture in the Mekong Delta, including Viet Nam's ambitious plans for the shrimp farming sector. We also look at the five fish species identified in a joint Cambodia-Lao management plan. Other topics include a Dutch study that finds 'no safety concern' with Mekong catfish and a feature article on how ecosystem services of wetlands are valued.
MRC CC 22 cover   03 March 2017

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 22, No 3

This issue is largely devoted to the fisheries legacy of Thailand's late King Bhumibol, who died in October. We also look at recent developments in water diplomacy and a Lower Mekong Fish Passage conference as well as the new Environmental Management Division taking shape at the Mekong River Commission.
CC 2 2 cover   03 March 2017

Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 22, No 2

In this issue, we look at the Irrawaddy dolphin, water quality in the Mekong and possible impacts of climate change. New MRC publications featured are a fish photo book, a monitoring manual and a code for the transboundary movement of live aquatic organisms in the Lower Mekong Basin.

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