The MRC Strategic Plan (SP) 2016-2020 outlines how the organisation plans to implement the updated IWRM-based Mekong Basin Development Strategy 2016-2020 (BDS 2016-2020) and promote the sustainable management and development of the Mekong River and its resources until 2020. It guides the actions of the MRC Secretariat in supporting the MRC Member Countries to promote and coordinate sustainable development of the Mekong River Basin.  

Basin Development Strategy 

The BDS 2016-2020 sets out how the MRC Member Countries plan to use, manage and conserve the natural resources of the Mekong in line with the 1995 Mekong Agreement

The BDS 2016-2020 builds on the BDS 2011-2015, which outlined development opportunities and strategic priorities to manage risks. This updating reflects the dynamic challenges encountered in the Lower Mekong River Basin. 

The Strategy provides an integrated basin perspective for the assessment and improvement of national plans and projects to ensure an acceptable balance between economic, social and environmental outcomes in the basin, and mutual benefits to the MRC Member Countries. The Strategy: 

  • Defines opportunities to promote sustainable development and strengthen management, thereby increasing regional and national benefits;
  • Sets medium-term strategic priorities for all relevant actors in the basin, which will support the promotion of development opportunities and strengthen basin management; and 
  • Prescribes strategic actions for the period 2016-2020 to address the basin-wide strategic priorities. 

The Strategy was prepared under the framework of MRC cooperation and adopted by the four Member Countries. Guided by National Mekong Committees and line/implementing agencies, the MRC Secretariat identified development opportunities and management needs in partnership with other regional organisations. The Strategy is being implemented by national and regional level stakeholders.