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COUNCIL STUDY Study on Sustainable Management and Development of the Mekong River

Progress Brief, August 2017

“A comprehensive state-of-the-art, integrated and cross-sectoral study on sustainable management and development of the Mekong River; for the environment, people, and economy.”

Published on: 31st Jul 2017
File size: 3.8 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Agriculture & Irrigation, Basin Planning, Climate Change, Environmental Health, Fisheries, Flood & Drought, People, Sustainable Hydropower


Annual Report 2014

Published on: 31st Mar 2015
File size: 3.8 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Agriculture & Irrigation, People, Basin Planning, Sustainable Hydropower, River Transport, Environmental Health, Fisheries, Flood & Drought, Climate Change


MRC Annual Report 2012

Published on: 23rd Feb 2015
File size: 5.5 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Climate Change, Flood & Drought, Fisheries, Environmental Health, River Transport, Sustainable Hydropower, Basin Planning, Agriculture & Irrigation, People


MRC Annual Report 2010

Published on: 3rd Oct 2011
File size: 2.9 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2009

Published on: 1st Dec 2009
File size: 2.9 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2008

2008 was an eventful,and in some cases, highly challenging year – not only for the MRC but also throughout the Mekong River Basin. The most dramatic and devastating occurrence was the August flood, the worst in over 30 years for areas in Northern Lao PDR and Thailand, which caused an estimated US$ 135 million worth of damage to property and crops, and effectively destroyed livelihoods

Published on: 1st Jan 2009
File size: 2.1 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2007

Published on: 1st Jan 2008
File size: 3.2 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2006

Published on: 1st Dec 2006
File size: 14 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2005

Published on: 1st Dec 2005
File size: 1.5 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2004

Published on: 1st Dec 2004
File size: 1.8 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2003

Published on: 1st Dec 2003
File size: 3.9 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2002

Published on: 1st Dec 2002
File size: 1.8 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 2001

Published on: 1st May 2002
File size: 730 KB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 1980

Published on: 31st Jan 1981
File size: 2.1 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 1978

Published on: 31st Jan 1979
File size: 7.9 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 1967

Published on: 31st Jan 1968
File size: 6.3 MB - Language: English


MRC Annual Report 1999

File size: 4.4 MB - Language: English


Annual Report 1998

File size: 3.5 MB - Language: English

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