Financial Analysis and Risk Assessment of Selected Aquaculture and Fishery Activities in the Mekong Basin

MRC Technical Paper No.5

Published on: 1st Apr 2002
File size: 1.8 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Fisheries


Local Knowledge in The Study of River Fish Biology: Experiences From The Mekong

Mekong Development Series No. 1

This report presents research undertaken within the Mekong River Commission’s Fisheries Programme, which has the objective of “coordinated and sustainable management, use and development of the economic and nutritional potential of the inland living aquatic resources in the Mekong River Basin”.

Published on: 1st Jul 2001
File size: 116 KB - Language: English
Topic(s): People, Fisheries


Mekong River Commission 15 Years Of Cooperation For Sustainable Development

File size: 3.7 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Basin Planning

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