The MRC Internship scheme offers a small group of outstanding university graduates and post graduates from the Mekong region and other parts of the world to acquire working experience in water resource management and related fields in an international river basin organisation. The scheme has been developed to increase the opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and skills, between sectors and cultures within the mandate of the MRC.


Through this scheme, interns will be exposed to the MRC's vision and mission, and technical practices in different areas of the Mekong river basin development. Interns specialise in the areas of basin development planning, environment, flood management and mitigation, climate change, navigation, GIS mapping and modeling, information and knowledge management, fisheries, agriculture, irrigation and forestry, donor coordination, capacity building and other activities related to sustainable human development. Interns acquire practical experience in various aspects of project management in an international working environment.

This scheme aims to provide work experience opportunities for riparian graduates1 and other international students within the fields relevant to the work of MRC and operation of the MRC Secretariat. It is also to promote understanding of MRC approaches to Integrated River Basin Management and the MRC model for regional cooperation. Interns will work at MRC Secretariat, project offices, MRC project office and/or the offices of the national counterparts based on an agreed terms of reference (TOR). The interns (and their sponsoring institution, if relevant) must accept the TOR prior to commencement of their assignment. 

Applications and Procedures

The MRC internship programme is offered to four interns with 2 for each Secretariat office twice a year, starting in (a) mid-January and (b) mid-September.

  1. Application: interested candidates must submit a complete MRC internship application form, a cover letter and CV together with a copy of school transcript and a proof of the graduation of a university by email to The Human Resources Development Section (HRS) will acknowledge receipt.

  2. The interns will be considered based on (a) relevance of background, (b) relevance to the TOR, (c) English competencies and (d) purpose of the internship. 

  3. HRS will contact successful condidates by email.

Duration and Time Commitment

The duration for an internship is between 32 to 6 months. The interns are not eligible to apply for, or be appointed to, any post within the MRC during the period of the internship or for the six months immediately following the expiration date thereafter.

Eligible Candidates

  • University graduates or post graduates in fields relevant to MRC programmes.

  • Excellent written and spoken English (IELT level 5.0 or higher).

  • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office applications).

  • Excellent interactive and interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a multicultural environment.

  • Priorities are given to national citizens of one of the MRC countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Viet Nam) (reparians)

Financial and Administrative Aspects

No-residents interns from reparian countries who do not have a sponsoring organisation may receive a maximum stipend of US$250  per month to cover accommodation and travel costs. Interns are responsible for arranging their own accommodation and travel to the place of assignment.

If work-related travel within the country is requested by a programme during the internship period, DSA and travel costs shall be paid by the MRC.


  • If selected MRC will provide assistance to the Intern in getting a visa for the work assignment. No assistance can be provided for spouses, family members, partners or friends.

  • The MRC Secretariat will provide the intern with desk space and basic office equipment and supplies.

  • Access to any other resources or services normally provided to MRC staff may be granted upon the approval of the intern’s supervisor, director, Chief of FAS or CEO as required.


  • The host programme at the MRC will assign a staff member to supervise and monitor the day-to-day work and performance of the interns during the period of an internship. 

  • Upon completion of internship, the supervisor will assess the performance according to the agreed TOR.

  • A letter of recommendation, if so required, shall be prepared by the supervisor.

MRC Work Programme / Areas of Assignment

The intern should indicate in his/her cover letter in which MRC work area he/she is interested:

  • Basin Development Plan Programme (BDP)

  • Environment Programme (EP)

  • Climate Change and Adaptation Initiative (CCAI)

  • Flood Management and Mitigation Programme (FMMP) – Based in Cambodia

  • Fisheries Programme (FP) - based in Cambodia

  • Navigation Programme (NAP) - Based in Cambodia

  • Information, Knowledge Management Programme (IKMP) - Based in Cambodia

  • GIS Mapping and Modeling - based in Cambodia

  • Agriculture and Irrigation Programme (AIP) - based in Cambodia

  • International Coordination and Communication Section (ICCS)

  • Integrated Capacity Building Programme (ICBP)

Working Conditions

  • Interns shall not have the entitlement for annual leave.

  • The internship programme is full-time. They are expected to work five days per week from 8am - 4:30pm.

Medical Coverage

The MRC accepts no responsibility whatsoever for costs or hardships arising from illness or accidents incurred during the internship. Interns must carry adequate medical and life insurance. Proof of medical coverage must be provided before the internship commences.


  1. i.e. citizens of one of the Mekong countries

  2. Students who are introduced by riparian universities can take up the internship for 2-6 months.

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