Website Developer


Job Title: Website Developer
Division: Office of the Chief Executive Officer
Type of Contract Special Service Agreement (SSA)
Duty Station Office of the MRC Secretariat in Vientiane, Lao PDR
Reporting to: Chief Strategy & Partnership Officer, OCEO
Duration 40 days



The Mekong River Commission (MRC) was established by the 1995 agreement between the governments of Cambodia, the Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam. The role of the MRC is to co-ordinate and promote co-operate in all fields of sustainable development, utilization, management and conservation of the water and related resources of the Mekong Basin.


The Communication team of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer (OCEO) is responsible for communicating the work of MRC to win support of the various stakeholders. The team conducts broad communication activities, including the maintenance and update of the MRC’s official website.


As the current website is outdated, the MRC seeks to revamp it with new interface, information architecture and design, and creates a new website that is more mobile-friendly and supports active news feeds.

The upgraded MRC website still needs to meet following requirements:

  1. To be the first point of reference on MRC on the internet
  2. To provide news and updates on the work of MRC
  3. To showcase MRC activities including weekly events, regular water level forecast and flash flood update
  4. To make MRC documents and publications accessible to the public including multimedia features
  5. To have mobile device optimization and follow the latest communication strategy 
  6. To allow MRC website designer to update information easily with latest applications in a most effective method.
  7. To provide a platform for job opportunities with MRC
  8. To maintain connection to MRC Data and information services portal

This consultancy requires a person with strong web development and management experience and skills and excellent understanding of modern web design.


The consultant is required to deliver:

  • The upgraded website, which is synchronized with the old website, and runs smoothly with more user friendly applications, easy-to-use structure, and modern, mobile-ready format.
  • The training of all relevant MRC staff in maintaining and using the website. 

In consultation with the MRC’s communication and web teams and under the general supervision of CEO, the consultant will perform the following tasks to support the process of re-design and construction of the MRC’s website:

Stage 1: Review, Consult and Recommend

  • Liaise with relevant officers and team members to understand users' needs and identify corresponding user interface requirements, workflows, and functionalities
  • Make recommendations for redesign, usability and technical requirements
  • Make recommendations on web traffic software for detailed reports of visitors to the website
  • Provide and install a tool to confirm the compatibility of the HTML pages with W3C standards
  • Submit workplan to be reviewed by MRC’s team members and approved by the CEO

Stage 2: Re-Design 

  • Create wireframes, storyboards and prototypes to propose options for implementation
  • Develop corresponding user interface components (web templates, style sheets, scripts, images, etc,)
  • Ensure a consistent visual image on the new site by introducing fixed styles in templates ensuring consistency in fonts, formatting, icons, images and layout techniques
  • Submit a draft design to be reviewed by the MRC’s team members 

Stage 3: Integrate Content with Design

  • Incorporate MRC feedback from Stage 2 into this phase
  • Develop graphics, logos and related multimedia content where necessary
  • Determine appropriate compression techniques, resolutions, sizes, colour maps, and depths to insure that images are delivered at sufficiently high speed and quality
  • Develop META tags on each web page, registration with major search engines
  • Ensure design and content make all pages “print-friendly” and mobile-friendly

Stage 4: Test

  • Check problems, diagnose and fix them
  • Check compatibility and scripts of the entire site

Stage 5: Follow-up and Continuity

  • Assist/advise MRC on the development of various web-based tools we may wish to develop (i.e subsides of projects’ page?)
  • Provide complete technical documentation related to site and its components
  • Provide a diagram, site map of the website
  • Train selected staff in all software and technical requirements related to website renovation

The Consultant will be based at the MRC Secretariat in Vientiane, Lao PDR.


  • Level of autonomy: Decision-making in conjunction with the Communication Team, and subject to final approval of Chief Strategy & Partnership Officer.
  • Level of problem solving required: Problem solving can be complex and the incumbent must display initiative and creativity.
  • Level and type of communications required: Communications are wide, within and outside the organization. Proven superior communication skills a must.
  • Postgraduate degree (or a bachelor’s degree with 2 additional years of practical working experience) in computer science or related fields.
  • Work experience in developing website for international organisations – with specific reference to river basin or knowledge-base organisations preferable.
  • A minimum of 7 years’ professional experience in the website development and management.
  • Proven website development experience.
  • Proven work experience within South East Asia, and/or a solid knowledge of the region’s social, economic, cultural and political structures an asset.
  • Knowledge of natural resources management/environmental awareness in the communication context is desirable.
  • Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Good sense of initiative and sound judgment.
  • Excellent command of the English language is required. Working knowledge of one or more riparian language (Khmer, Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese) is desirable

This position is paid on a monthly basis at the end of each month upon approval of the Chief Strategy & Partnership Officer. The final payment will be made upon satisfactory completion of the assignment. The payment shall be madevia a bank transfer.

Application procedures:

The application should include (i) a cover letter outlining clearly how the candidate meets the requirements of the position, (ii) a detailed CV, (iii) MRC Personal History Form, and (IV) at least 3 reference. The position title and division must be indicated in the cover letter.

Closing date for applications: 19 January 2017


 The application should be sent to:

Mekong River Commission 
Office of the Secretariat in Vientiane (OSV)
P.O. Box 6101, 184 Fa Ngoum Road
Vientiane 01000, Lao PDR



MRC Personal History Form