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From 27 Jan to 03 Feb 2020, water levels along the lower Mekong River from Thailand’s Chiang Saen will continue to slightly decrease after the test equipment of hydropower station at Jinghong from 5 Jan 2020. The decreased water level will vary from -0.01 m to -0.04 m. From Lao PDR’s Vientiane and Thailand’s Nong Khai, water levels will slightly increase, followed the same trend from upstream and vary from 0.02 m to 0.04 m. From Thailand’s Nakhon Phanom to Lao PDR’s at Pakse, water levels will be slightly increased, varying from 0.02 m to 0.04 m. From Cambodia’s at Stung Treng to Neak Loung on the Mekong River, water will slightly increase, varies from 0.03 m to 0.09 m. For Viet Nam’s Tan Chau on the Mekong River and Chau Doc on the Bassac River, water levels will decrease and fluctuate with their long-term averages (LTAs) with different trends from last year 2019.

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DJI 0452 SM

Mekong water levels to drop due to dam equipment testing in China

The water outflows at the Jinghong hydropower station in China will be reduced by more than 50% due to dam equipment testing from 1 – 4 January 2020, affecting river water levels in Thailand, Lao PDR and Cambodia.

MRC Beijing China 18 December 2019

MRC Secretariat, LMC Water Center ink first MOU for better upper-lower Mekong management

Data and information exchange, basin-wide monitoring, and joint assessment on Mekong water and related resources are among the main areas to benefit from a new partnership between the Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) and Lancang-Mekong Water Res

CEO Hatda and German Ambassador Jens sign funding agreement 1

Cross-border water cooperation and joint environmental monitoring received German support

The German government today provided additional 2 million euro (approx. U$2.2 million) to the Mekong River Commission to increase cross-border water dialogue and cooperation and support efforts in monitoring transboundary environmental impacts from Mekong

The Mekong River at Sangthong district  1

Mekong River’s aquamarine hue likely to occur elsewhere due to low flows, bringing possible risks

The extremely low flow, slow drop in the river sediments, and presence of algae on the sand and bedrock river bottom are some of the possible causes why the Mekong River has recently acquired an aquamarine color, says the Mekong River Commission. This phe

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Luang Prabang Hydropower Project

The Luang Prabang hydropower project is proposed on the Mekong mainstream in the Houygno village of Luang Prabang province, about 25 km from Luang Prabang town or approximately 2,036 km from the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam

Pak Lay Hydropower Project

The Pak Lay hydropower project is proposed on the Mekong mainstream in Pak Lay district, Xayaburi province, in north-western Lao PDR..

Pak Beng hydropower project

The Pak Beng hydropower project is proposed on the Mekong ...

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