During the prior consultation process for the proposed Sanakham Hydropower Project, the MRC provides a channel for receiving, documenting and transmitting all legitimate concerns and views from interested stakeholders to the MRC Member Countries. In addition to other forms of communication and engagement, we welcome comments and feedback from the public through our active comment box on the MRC website. Please let us know your comments by filling in the form bellow.   

Your comments will be noted and categorized and fed into the MRC technical review of the project. They will be addressed at regional stakeholder forums later this year and early next year. In addition, they will be considered, together with key messages and recommendations from the stakeholder consultation sessions at the national and regional levels, to be documented in the Technical Review Report (TRR). The TRR is one of key deliverables of the prior consultation process and submitted to the MRC governance bodies for consideration during negotiation on conditions for the project.  

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