Review of Existing Research on Fish Passage through Large Dams and its Applicability to Mekong Mainstream Dams
Technical Paper No. 48

This paper summarises current knowledge and research on fish-pass solutions for both upstream and downstream migration, with a focus on how lessons learned from around the world can be applied to the Mekong River.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg82u | Published on: 01 Jun 2015 | Language: English

Larval and Juvenile Fish Communities of the Lower Mekong River Basin
Technical Paper No.49

This study seeks to determine the key spawning areas for major commercial fisheries of the Mekong by assessing the distribution and relative abundance of larval and juveniles fishes. The research is based on sampling at 11 sites along the mainstream of the Mekong and the Bassac River in Viet Nam.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg82y | Published on: 01 Jun 2015 | Language: English

The Lower Mekong Basin Report Card on Water Quality for 2013 (Volume 4)
Technical Paper No.51

The Water Quality Report Card contains the most important information found in the annual water quality report condensed in to an easy to digest format. This volume summarises water quality status of the Mekong River for the protection of human health and aquatic life, as well as, for agricultural use.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg84p | Published on: 29 Apr 2015 | Language: English

Identification Handbook of Freshwater Zooplankton of the Mekong River and its Tributaries
Technical Paper No.45

The handbook aims to assist the Member Countries’ national experts and other scientists in assessing and monitoring environmental health of the Lower Mekong River Basin.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg84t | Published on: 01 Apr 2015 | Language: English

2013 Lower Mekong Regional Water Quality Monitoring Report
Technical Paper No.51

The report provides a detailed study of the 2013 status of the water quality in the Mekong River. It assesses water quality monitoring data monitored by the Water Quality Monitoring Network laboratories, and provides recommendations for future monitoring.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg86l | Published on: 28 Feb 2015 | Language: English

Guiding Considerations on Transboundary Monitoring for LMB Hydropower Planning and Management

This report provides a guiding framework for transboundary monitoring of keys basin disciplines to assist hydropower decision-making and management.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg8a8 | Published on: 16 Dec 2014 | Language: English

Rapid Basin-wide Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Tool (RSAT)

The RSAT is a multi-stakeholder dialogue and assessment tool designed to assess hydropower development and management issues at a basin wide level. It was developed under the MRC's Initiative on Sustainable Hydropower Project.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgf3d | Published on: 02 Dec 2014 | Language: English

Multi-Media (Water, Sediment, Biota) Monitoring and Assessment Report
Technical Paper No.41

This paper provides the results of a study to monitor and assess the status of a wide range of environmental conditions in the Mekong riverine environment.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgf3h | Published on: 01 Dec 2014 | Language: English

Local Demonstration Projects on Climate Change Adaptation: Final report of the first batch project in Cambodia
Demonstration Project Series No.1

This report presents key activities and results of the first batch local demonstration project on climate change in Cambodia. The project addressed adaptation issues in four districts of Prey Veng Province: Peam Ro, Peam Chor, Mesang and Preah Sdech.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgf3l | Published on: 01 Dec 2014 | Language: English