Basin Reports

Mekong Basin Planning: The Story Behind the Basin Development Plan

This Story describes the Basin Development Plan (BDP) within the context of the history of the lower Mekong region and the history of river basin planning and development. An understanding of the past and the wider context will assist with the determination of future directions for the BDP.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgsk5 | Published on: 01 Jan 2013 | Language: English

Basin Development Plan: Completion Report for Phase 2 (2007-2011)

Th report documents and reviews the performance of the Basin Development Plan Programme under its Phase 2 programme (BDP2) during 5 years of activities between 2007 and 2011.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgt1o | Published on: 26 Nov 2012 | Language: English

Carriage, Handling and Storage of Dangerous Goods along the Mekong River: Risk Analysis (Volume I)

This report details baseline conditions and determines priority areas to improve the transport of dangerous goods in each of the MRC Member Countries, in relation to ports/terminals, vessels, waterways, legal framework and environment.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgt3g | Published on: 01 Oct 2012 | Language: English

Carriage, Handling and Storage of Dangerous Goods along the Mekong River: Recommendations (Volume II)

The report provides strategic recommendations for improving the transport of dangerous goods along the Mekong River.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgt3k | Published on: 01 Oct 2012 | Language: English

Transboundary River Basin Management: Mekong2Rio Addressed Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus

This report is a synthesis of the discussions by experts from around the world over how to address the transboundary dimension of water, energy and food interconnection as well as the challenges rapid human-made development and environmental changes pose to the sustainable management of river basins.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgt3o | Published on: 27 Aug 2012 | Language: English

The Impact and Management of Floods and Droughts in the Lower Mekong River Basin and the Implications of Possible Climate Change
Working Paper 2011-2015

The report provides an overview on economic cost of floods and drought in the Lower Mekong River Basin and the implications of climate change.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgt3v | Published on: 31 Mar 2012 | Language: English

Planning Atlas of the Lower Mekong River Basin

The Planning Atlas covers a wide range of land and water related information of the Mekong River Basin and explores the different themes a to consider how each might influence the choices that the MRC makes to promote and coordinate sustainable management and development of the Mekong River Basin.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajggab | Published on: 31 Dec 2011 | Language: English

Annual Mekong Flood Report 2010

The report discusses the 2010 flood situation in relation to rainfall and moisture, stream flow and water levels, and impacts of the dams in China on the Mekong hydrology.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajhyh5 | Published on: 04 Jul 2011 | Language: English

Assessment of Basin-Wide Development Scenarios (Main Report)

The report covers impact assessment of the riparian countries’ water resources development plans, including mainstream dams and diversions. It was prepared under the Phased 2 of the Basin Development Plan Programme.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajhykw | Published on: 01 Apr 2011 | Language: English

Enhancing Cooperation in Addressing Transboundary Flood Issues: Pocket Version of Explanatory Note

The note provides a summary of the two leading reports on this subject that aim to assist the Member Countries in addressing transboundary flood and related issued through enhanced cooperation.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajhyky | Published on: 30 Mar 2011 | Language: English

Joint Initiative on Rapid Basin-wide Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Tool (RSAT)

The RSAT assists the Member Countries to identify development strategies, institutional responses and management measures to optimise the benefits of hydropower development and reduce the risks.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajg4y2 | Published on: 01 Sept 2010 | Language: English

Annual Mekong Flood Report 2009

The report provides a detailed review of the hydrological aspects of the flood season, which in 2009 was significantly below average in terms of peak discharges and overall flood volumes.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajhymi | Published on: 01 Jul 2010 | Language: English