MRC Annual Report 1995

The Report discusses development initiatives and roles of the MRC, following its establishment, in coordinating water resources development and management.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.akivw8 | Published on: 31 Dec 1995 | Language: English

Agreement on the Cooperation for the Sustainable Development of the Mekong River Basin

Through the agreement, the governments of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam agree to cooperate in all fields of sustainable development, utilisation, management and conservation of the water and related resources of the Mekong River Basin.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.akivwc | Published on: 05 Apr 1995 | Language: English

Annual Report 1994

The Report presents achievements made in 1994, including the undertaking of the study on the Mekong Mainstream Run-of-the River Hydropower.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.akivwf | Published on: 31 Dec 1994 | Language: English

Annual Report 1983

The Report covers information about program planning and implementation and progress under the Indicative Basin Plan.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.akiw1x | Published on: 31 Dec 1983 | Language: English

Annual Report 1978

The Report discusses issues related to basin planning, hydrometeorology and other economic and social aspects in the Mekong River Basin.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgsud | Published on: 31 Jan 1979 | Language: English