Multi-Media (Water, Sediment, Biota) Monitoring and Assessment Report
Technical Paper No.41

This paper provides the results of a study to monitor and assess the status of a wide range of environmental conditions in the Mekong riverine environment.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgf3h | Published on: 01 Dec 2014 | Language: English

Climate Change Analysis in the Lower River Mekong Basin: Review of Availability of Observed Meteorological Data
Working Paper No.52

The paper aims to build knowledge on the current status and gaps of meteorological data in the Lower Mekong River Basin for supporting climate change adaptation planning at different levels.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgftn | Published on: 01 Oct 2014 | Language: English

Social Impact Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment (SIMVA) 2011
Technical Paper No.42

This report presents detailed information of a baseline study of the social conditions and vulnerability that are linked to the changes of water related resources in the lower Mekong corridor in 2011.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgf8b | Published on: 31 Aug 2014 | Language: English

Crop Production for Food Security and Rural Poverty: Baseline and Pilot Modeling

The study aims to facilitate the long-term planning and policy- making in the crop production sector towards a food secured and poverty-alleviated future for the Lower Mekong River Basin in the face of climate change.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgfnb | Published on: 30 Jun 2014 | Language: English

Irrigation for Food Security, Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development in the Lower Mekong River Basin

The report features food security and poverty implications of the current irrigation sector and planned irrigation developments with discussions on how to irrigate the remaining rain-fed areas.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgftr | Published on: 30 Jun 2014 | Language: English

Report on the 2011 Biomonitoring Survey of the Lower Mekong River Basin and Selected Tributaries
Technical Paper No.43

This report describes the biomonitoring survey conducted in 2011 in the Lower Mekong River Basin which contributes to the evaluation of the overall ecological health of the river.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgfcf | Published on: 30 Apr 2014 | Language: English

Lower Mekong River Basin Report Card on Water Quality (Volume 3)

The Report Card on Water Quality provides an overview of water quality of the Mekong and Bassac Rivers based on data obtained by the MRC from 2007 to 2011.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgfe8 | Published on: 31 Dec 2013 | Language: English

Lower Mekong Basin Report Card on Water Quality (Volume 3)

This is the Khmer version of the Water Quality Report Card. It contains The report card is also translated in to the four national riparian languages allowing it to be widely distributed within the Member Countries of the MRC.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgfed | Published on: 31 Dec 2013 | Language: Khmer

Integrated Analysis of Data from MRC Fisheries Monitoring Programmes in the Lower Mekong River Basin
Technical Paper No.33

This report analyses time series of data collected at more than 50 locations on capture fisheries in the Lower Mekong Basin, including dai fishery in Cambodia, lee trap fish in Southern Laos, fish larvae monitoring in Cambodia and Viet Nam and fish abundance and diversity monitoring in the four Member Countries.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgsd2 | Published on: 30 Aug 2013 | Language: English

Atlas of Deep Pools in the Lower Mekong River Basin and Some of Its Tributaries
Technical Paper No.31

This atlas enhances knowledge and understanding of the distribution, ecological functioning and conservation of deep pools while synthesizing results from local ecological knowledge-based surveys and geomorphic statistical analysis of the Mekong mainstream.

Download | DOI: 10.52107/mrc.ajgg37 | Published on: 15 Aug 2013 | Language: English