In this edition of Catch and Culture, we look at the ornamental fish market in Thailand, research into fish passes in Lao PDR, recent developments in aquaculture in Viet Nam and rising fish prices in Cambodia. The August issue also features articles on conservation, child labour in fisheries, food security, international fish trade and alternative feed for snakeheads as well as summaries of recent publications in the MRC Technical Paper series.

Table of Contents

  1. Fish passage
    Opening Lao floodplains for fish: not just an uphill battle
    How research on fish passage through big dams can be applied in the Mekong
  2. Aquaculture
    Viet Nam uses gene silencing for all-male production of giant river prawns
    Viet Nam improves catfish breeding with focus on disease-resisrtant trait
  3. Ornamental fish
    Mekong species featured at ornamental fish exhibition in Bangkok
  4. Conservation
    Hun Sen reiterates call to halt illegal fishing as crackdown intensifies
    Cambodia sees aquaculture output hitting 250,000 tonnes a year by 2019
    Lao minister orders better conservation of aquatic species and wildlife
  5. Child labour
    New global spotlight on children's involvement in family-based fisheries
  6. Food security
    How will fish help feed the world's nine billion people in 2050?
  7. Trade
    Vietnamese catfish exports seen falling on weak demand, increased competition
    Food politics, not public health
  8. Land cover
    Aquaculture estimated at 1.1% of all land cover in Lower Mekong Basin
  9. Capture fisheries
    Larval and juvenile fish communities of the Lower Mekong Basin
  10. Economics
    Rising fish prices in Cambodia
  11. Feed
    Research into alternative snakehead feed holds promise for relaxing ban
  12. Reservoir fisheries
    Aquaculture carrying capacity of Stung Chinit Reservoir: a pilot project
  13. Appointment
    New director general appointed to Fisheries Administration in Cambodia


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