New hydro-acoustic surveys recorded in the stretch of the Mekong in southern Lao PDR and northern Cambodia are providing fisheries scientists with previously unseen images of fish life in some of the river's deepest pools.

Table of Contents

  1. Soundings from the Deep
  2. Tagging and release of giant Mekong fish species in Cambodia
  3. Fisheries on the Web
  4. The language of fish Aquatic proverbs of Cambodia
  5. Is the Siem Reap River a river?
  6. Fishers bring their tales to the meeting room
  7. Presentations from the FP Annual Meeting in Siem Reap
  8. Mekong leaders agree to speed up regional agricultural cooperation
  9. New Mekong conservation initiative stays out of the water
  10. Mekong Fisheries Index

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