Our latest issue looks at the outlook for international scientific collaboration in the Mekong region as the world comes to terms with the Covid-19 pandemic. We also examine similarities and differences between the current pandemic and climate change. Other articles cover fish connectivity between Mekong freshwater habitats and marine waters, the causes of last year’s Mekong drought and the extensive work in the region by a Japanese scientist who discovered three species of Mekong loaches.


Table of Contents

4. Scientific collaboration
Scientific collaboration Outlook for international scientific collaboration in the Mekong region

10. Diadromous fishes
Connectivity of Mekong fishes between freshwater and marine habitats

14. Capture fisheries
Study of small-scale fisheries and threat map for inland fisheries take shape  

18. Hydropower
WWF welcomes 10-year moratorium on mainstream dams in Cambodia

20. Meteorology and hydrology
What caused the drought in 2019?

23. Folk tales
Why older Cambodians avoid eating fish associated with a dead mother

24. Remote water bodies
Water bodies in Cambodia’s remote northern province of Oddar Meanchey

26. Environmental, social and governance investment
Systemic power imbalances in responsible investment

32. Environment and health
Climate change and Covid-19: reflections on efficiency vs resilience

36. New publications
Inland fisheries in Myanmar

40. Obituary
Yasuhiko Taki 

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