This edition is largely devoted to the State of the Basin Report, the flagship publication of the MRC. In addition, we look at the use of drones in fisheries science and the development of bioplastics from fish waste. Our final issue for the year also contains an eight-page educational supplement on fish body parts.


Table of Contents

4 The Big Picture (1)
New State of the Basin Report

10 The Big Picture (2)
State of the Upper Mekong Basin

12 The Big Picture (3)
Alarming decline in Mekong sediment raises important questions

16 The Big Picture (4)
Mekong sand mining estimated to be worth at least $175 mln a year

20 Conservation
Playing cards aim to raise fisheries awareness among students

22 Educational supplement
Fish body parts

29 Etymology
Understanding the terminology used by fish taxonomists

30 Green bonds
Thai company gets THB 3 bln from ADB for country’s largest wind farm

32 Drones
Study finds ‘great potential’ for using drones in fisheries science

36 Fish and irrigation
Translating the needs of inland fisheries into irrigation decisions to end hunger

40 Bioplastics (1)
Student awarded for developing bioplastic bags from fish waste

44 Bioplastics (2)
New bioplastics plant in Thailand uses sustainable sugar


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