Our latest issue highlights the MRC’s latest water quality monitoring for the Lower Mekong which shows a slight improvement in water quality. We also examine environmental change on the Mekong floodplain, fish diversity in a Lao tributary, recent MRC work modeling the impacts of climate change and a Japanese company’s development of appetite software for feeding farmed fish.

Table of Contents

4 Water quality
Mekong and Bassac water quality still good with slight improvement in latest year

10 Hydrology
Low rainfall helps drive Mekong water levels down to record lows in July

12 Environment (1)
ASEAN leaders zero in on unsustainable single-use plastics

14 Environment (2)
Environmental change in the floodplain

18 Biodiversity
Fish diversity in Nam Kading, a central Lao tributary of the Mekong

22 Cetaceans
Endangered Irrawaddy dolphin dies in net in Mekong Delta in Viet Nam

26 Community fisheries
Freedom, fish and … income

28 Rice-field fisheries
Managing community fish refuges in Cambodia’s rice-field fisheries

30 Climate change
How will climate change affect Mekong Basin hydropower production?

32 Computerised aquaculture
Appetite software aims to optimise feeding operations on fish farms

34 Conservation
A National park for source of three rivers takes shape in northwest China

36 Antimicrobial resistance
Report calls for urgent action to avert global crisis in antimicrobial resistance

38 Opinion (1)
How the Mekong River Commission benefits Lao PDR: a personal reflection

40 Opinion (2)
As aquaculture develops, can Cambodia diversify from farming to processing?


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  • Nuon Vanna, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Officer
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