In this issue, we look at the Irrawaddy dolphin, water quality in the Mekong and possible impacts of climate change. New MRC publications featured are a fish photo book, a monitoring manual and a code for the transboundary movement of live aquatic organisms in the Lower Mekong Basin.

Table of Contents

  1. Water quality: Mekong water quality still good and even getting better in some places
  2. Biodiversity and climate change: ASEAN agrees to conserve biodiversity areas and address alien species threat
  3. Climate change and fisheries (1): Assessing the impact of climate change on Lower Mekong fisheries
  4. Climate change and fisheries (2): Aquaculture and climate change: from vulnerability to adaptation
  5. Fishway research: Why the Lao government is interested in fish passage research
  6. Economics: Does the economic benefit of building a fishway justify the cost?
  7. Destructive fishing: Dead fish near Lao dam construction site linked to destructive fishing
  8. Drugs: Global plan aims to confront 'silent crisis' of antimicrobial resistance
  9. Conservation: Dolphin calf spotted in Mekong
  10. Cetacean research: A brief history of recorded descriptions of the Irrawaddy dolphin
  11. Hydropower development: Hydropower developer tests audio system to deter fish from turbines
  12. Hydro-fisheries modelling: Assessing hydrologic drivers of fisheries and forecasting future catches
  13. Rural welfare: How fisheries contribute to the welfare of rural Cambodians
  14. Aquaculture: Aquaculture offsets lower freshwater fisheries production in Cambodia
  15. New publications (1): MRC publishes fish photo book and monitoring manual for Lower Mekong
  16. New publications (2): Code for trans-boundary movement of live aquatic organisms
  17. New publications (3): FAO and Michigan State University promote responsible inland fisheries
  18. Politics: Dr Nao Thuok assumes vice-ministerial role at Cambodian agriculture ministry
  19. Mekong River Commission: MRC Secretariat to consolidate into one central office in Vientiane


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