In this issue, we look at the costs of replacing fish catch losses in the Mekong region with alternative food sources from aquaculture, livestock or crops. We also highlight a recent increase in fisheries research in the Lower Mekong Basin. In other research developments, we examine the Cambodian discovery of a new virus in a Mekong bat species that's closer to SARS-CoV-2 than any other closely related viruses found outside China to date. And as part of our occasional policy brief series, we summarise the findings of a new study on the impacts of Covid-19 on freshwater fish diversity.


Table of Contents

4 Inland fisheries
Replacement costs for fish catch losses

10 Phylogenetics
Researchers find virus closely related to SARS-CoV-2 in Mekong bat species

20 Multidisciplinary research
Special issue of journal highlights strong research growth in Lower Mekong Basin

28 Environment
The right to a healthy environment

32 Policy brief
Covid-19 impacts on freshwater fish diversity

48 Conservation (1)
Small community-based reserves protect biodiversity and augment fisheries

54 Conservation (2)
China more than doubles list of endangered animal species

56 Climate change
Repurposing food waste: a circular economy approach for the food system

58 Prices
FAO Fish Price Index, Prices in Thailand and Viet Nam


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  • Phattareeya Suanrattanachai, Fisheries Management Specialist
  • Prayooth Yaowakhan, Ecosystem and Wetland Specialist
  • Nuon Vanna, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Officer
  • Ly Kongmeng, Water Quality Officer
  • Erinda Pubill Panen, Environmental Monitoring Advisor, GIZ-MRC Cooperation Programme
  • Mayvong Sayatham, Environmental Diplomacy Advisor, GIZ-MRC Cooperation Programme

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