In this edition, we highlight recent captures of a giant stingray from the Mekong — since confirmed as the world’s largest freshwater fish — and a rare giant salmon carp from a Mekong tributary. We also look at the monitoring of water quality and fisheries near hydropower projects, plans to develop a green hydrogen plant in the Mekong Delta and the latest global review of inland fish catches.


Table of Contents

4 Evironmental monitoring
New technologies can monitor water and fisheries near hydropower projects

8 Capture fisheries
Scientists record first capture of eel-tail catfish along Lao stretch of the Mekong

10 Conservation (1)
Stingray caught in Mekong breaks record as world's biggest freshwater fish

16 Conservation (2)
Cambodia resumes annual Fish Day event

20 Energy (1)
Vietnamese firm invests $840 mln to develop green hydrogen plant in Mekong Delta

26 Energy (2)
Viet Nam considers reviving stalled plans for two nuclear power plants

28 World fisheries and aquaculture (1)
Time is ripe to transform the world’s aquatic food systems

30 World fisheries and aquaculture (2)
World’s inland catches still historically high as aquaculture keeps growing

34 Sustainability
‘Constructive’ outlook for sustainable bonds issued by emerging markets

36 Reservoir fisheries
Critically endangered giant salmon carp caught in reservoir of Mekong tributary

40 Acoustic telemetry
Acoustic telemetry survey in Cambodia complements Lao fish monitoring by MRC

44 Climate change
Viet Nam at ‘crossroads’ with Mekong Delta at ‘great risk’ from climate change

46 Prices
FAO Fish Price Index, prices in Thailand and Viet Nam


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