This issue looks at the outcomes of the Fourth MRC Summit in Vientiane in April, a new fisheries yield assessment for the Lower Mekong and guidelines for fish-friendly irrigation in the basin. We also examine how citizen science is capturing new knowledge for policymaking and the discovery of 380 new species in the Greater Mekong region.


Table of Contents

4 Fourth MRC Summit (1)
Government leaders recognise ‘growing sense of urgency’ facing Lower Mekong

10 Fourth MRC Summit (2)
State of the Mekong

14 Capture fisheries
Value of Lower Mekong fish catch by a third over five-year period

16 Fishways
Which barriers should be fixed first?

22 Fisheries governance
How community fishing events can help responsible governance of tenure

26 Citizen science
Capturing new knowledge for policymaking in the Mekong region

32 Taxonomy
Scientists describe 380 new species from Greater Mekong over two years

42 Climate change (1)
Climate finance summit adopts Paris Agenda for People and the Planet

44 Climate change (2)
World Bank says subsidies should be redirected to address climate change

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Editorial Panel:

  • Phetsamone Khanophet, Director of Environmental Management Division
  • Pinida Leelapanang Kamphaengthong, Chief Environmental Management Officer
  • Lai Tung Quan, Fisheries Management Specialist
  • Kongmeng Ly, Ecosystem and Wetland Specialist
  • Parnpan Worranut, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Officer
  • Phan Nam Long, Water Quality Officer

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