This edition looks at possible measures to address sinking land in the Mekong Delta, environmental monitoring around the Xayabouri and Don Sahong dams, and a three-year initiative to promote fishways in the Lower Mekong Basin. We also examine the odds of a late and disorderly energy transition, and efforts to find a genetic solution to the tilapia lake virus.


Table of Contents


4 Land subsidence
Scientists and engineers outline measures to address sinking land in Mekong Delta

8 Aquaculture
Mekong Aquatic Animal Production and Research Centre inaugurated

10 Joint environmental monitoring
MRC releases results of pilot monitoring around Xayaburi and Don Sahong dams

14 Genetics
Scientists seek genetic solution to tilapia lake virus after outbreak in pond

18 Capture fisheries
Catching eels at home in central Laos

20 Climate change (1)
Slowing down fast fashion

22 Climate change (2)
Greening garments

24 Fishways
Australia announces three-year initiative to promote fishways in Lower Mekong

28 Energy transition (1)
Confronting the growing odds of a late and disorderly energy transition

36 Energy transition (2)
‘ASEAN desperately needs to diversify energy mix’

38 Fish prices



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