Background information

The Mekong River Commission was established as a multi-lateral cooperation mechanism between the four Lower Mekong Basin countries (MC) of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam with the mission of promotion and coordination of the sustainable management and development of water and related resources for the countries’ mutual benefit and the people’s well-being. Transboundary dialogue between the Mekong’s riparian countries helps reduce tension and increase cooperation across borders for better management of the shared water resources.

Launched in 2014, the four-member countries of the Mekong River Commission have worked together on five bilateral initiatives to strengthen transboundary dialogue and promote the integrated water resources management practice at the sub-basin level. The initiatives are part of the MRC Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management (M-IWRM) Project funded by the World Bank with technical support from the Mekong River Commission Secretariat.

Overseen by the MRC member countries, these five transboundary projects completed in early 2019 and have established key examples of IWRM principles in the LMB at the regional, national and sub-national levels with following key outputs: (1) joint issues papers, (2) analysis of cooperation mechanism options and (3) transboundary joint action plans. The process has fostered a greater common understanding on transboundary issues and supported a consensus-based approach to establish joint management strategies to address the priority transboundary water sector issues. In line with its mandate, the MRC has also prioritized the pursue of joint projects through its refreshed strategic planning cycle.

Forum objectives

The forum’s primary objective is to consider new transboundary partnerships and arrangements (cooperation mechanisms) for the LMB to support sustainable development and management of water resources.

A sub-objective of the forum is to share the lesson learned from the M-IWRM project in regard to potentially new and innovative transboundary cooperation arrangements, including their benefits and implementation challenges.


The forum is free of charge and open to all interested participants including

  • MRC Member Countries
  • MRC Development Partners
  • Research Institutes and Universities
  • Other international river basin organizations
  • Civil society organizations and NGOs
  • Local authorities and communities
  • Other interested groups

Date and venue

20-21 May, 2019

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

This Admin Note provides participants with some useful information on transportation and accommodation


Throughout the forum, there will be exhibition on related topics to the objective of the forum from the MRC and other organizations. Other river basin organizations are invited to exhibit their work and achievements at the forum's exhibition. For further information about the exhibition, please contact our colleague below.

Financial support

A limited financial support is available to assist participants from civil society and community-based organizations with financial difficulty. In case you request for financial support, please provide information in the online registration form by 07 May 2019.


Please register by completing this online registration form. The deadline for registration is by 10 May 2019.

Concept note and Agenda

Please click Concept Note and Agenda

Core documents

  1.  MRC-TB dialogue
  2. Joint transboundary action plan report_Sesan and Srepok river basin and Mekong delta
  3. Transboundary fisheries management on the Mekong and Sekong Rivers
  4. Tonle Sap Lake and Songkhla Lake basins communication outreach project summary
  5. Technical note on conceptural framework for updated (WI)
  6. Technical note on conceptual framework of WEFASAM & WBIA methodology and tool
  7. Technical note on site selection criteria
  8. Transboundary cooperation for river basin management between Lao PDR and Thailand in Xe Bang Hieng basin-Lao PDR and Nam Kam basin-Thailand
  9. Transboundary issues in the Mekong and Sekong rivers
  10. Transboundary issues in the Mekong Delta
  11. Transboundary issues in the Sesan and Srepok river basins


  1. Forum intro and agenda
  2. Mekong joint and transboundary cooperation
  3. key note: Transboundary water management
  4. Guidance for downloading
  5. MIWRM Transboundary project introduction
  6. Nam Kam_Xe Bang Hieng wetland project
  7. Songkhla- Tonle Sap project
  8. MRCS_Sustainable use and management of LMB wetland
  9. Lao PDR water resources management
  10. Change to stable of Tonle Sap Lake
  11. Using senses to support trans-boundary decision making processes Lao PDR
  12. Water management in VietNam IWRM
  13. Joint project initiative 7th MRC RSF
  14. Update on national capacity on water resources management
  15. National capacity on water resources management
  16. Using science to support transboundary decision making process
  17. Fresh water health index

Livestream of the 7th MRC Regional Stakeholder Forum
- Opening & Mekong River Commission and transboundary dialogue 
& International example transboundary water resource governance

- Panel discussion on stakeholder and partner’s perspective on the Mekong transboundary cooperation – past, present and future &  Introduction of the MRC Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Transboundary project




Contact points

For logistics

Ms. Varaphone Silaphet

Administration Assistant
Mekong River Commission Secretariat at Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel: + 856 21 263 263, ext. 2302

For exhibition

Ms. Le Thi Huong Lien

Communication Officer
Mekong River Commission Secretariat at Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel: +856 21 263 263, ext. 4012
Mobile: +856 20 7777 9168

For participation and sponsorship

Ms. Duong Hai Nhu

Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
Tel: +856 21 263 263 ext. 4011
Mekong River Commission Secretariat at Vientiane, Lao PDR