Scheduled for 12 June 2024, in Vientiane, Lao PDR, the 14th RSF will focus on the theme of information sharing for transparency and trust, carrying on from the 13th RSF. Attendees can expect updates on various hydropower projects that have undergone the MRC’s consultation process. The event will also include the official launch of the Mekong State of the Basin Report (SOBR) 2023 and a preview of the eagerly awaited MRC Mobile App.

Participants will have the chance to voice their thoughts and concerns on matters important to them.

The RSF aligns with the MRC’s mission to serve as a transparent knowledge hub and a regional platform for water diplomacy among its Member Countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

Topic and context
State of the Basin Report 2023

At the 14th RSF, the SOBR 2023 takes center stage. This report offers attendees insights into the current state of the Mekong River Basin, highlighting key challenges and suggesting measures for improving the basin’s health.

Produced by the MRC, the SOBR addresses five crucial areas: environmental, social, and economic conditions; climate change; and cooperation in the Mekong River Basin. It’s released every five years, compiling data and information to provide an accurate snapshot of the current state of affairs and trends within the Mekong River Basin. This edition marks the fourth report in the series.

The SOBR evaluates basin conditions and the impacts of water and natural resource development, both positive and negative. It aims to track changes resulting from the cooperation outlined in the 1995 Mekong Agreement. Moreover, it identifies significant issues and development opportunities for Member Countries. Ultimately, the report serves as a foundation for discussions among the four core members and other stakeholders, guiding actions for optimal and sustainable basin development in line with the MRC’s goals.


MRC Mobile App

At the upcoming RSF, attendees will be introduced to the MRC Mobile App—an innovative tool in-the-making, designed to enhance user engagement and access to critical information regarding the Mekong River Basin.

Developed to support the information sharing of MRC Core River Monitoring Network (CRMN) functions, the app covers a wide array of essential areas including water quality, hydrology, sediment, environmental health, fisheries, climate, hydropower operations, and flood and drought monitoring and forecasting.

The MRC Mobile App offers an interactive user interface for reporting and accessing information on MRC’s CRMN. Using a One Map Concept, it allows users to customize layers according to their preferences and correlate remote sensing and ground data seamlessly. Its iReport feature encourages community-based early warning systems, enabling citizens to share incidents related to flood, drought, and livelihood with photos, pin locations, and detailed comments. With push and alert notifications, users will stay informed about warnings for floods, droughts, and other weather conditions. Moreover, the app will grant users access to live CCTV cameras at various monitoring stations and even include an AI chatbot for data queries specific to the Mekong River Basin and its functionalities.

The Mobile App development has hit a major milestone, with a preview version now available. A full release is aimed for July-August 2024 after adding the latest updates. Users will find it on both Android and iOS platforms, ready for download from the Google Play Store and the App Store. In order to achieve this, we ensure that the MRC Mobile App meets the needs of users from various locations and language backgrounds.


Updates on hydropower projects

Among the highlights of the 14th RSF will be updates on four hydropower projects, three of which are situated along the Mekong mainstream. These projects include:

  • Pak Beng hydropower project
  • Pak Lay hydropower project
  • Extension of the Don Sahong hydropower project
  • Sekong A hydropower project (transboundary environmental impact assessment)

Up to this point, the MRC has received some good updates on the project development, especially on how the developers of the Pak Beng and Pak Lay projects have addressed the MRC’s recommendations, as outlined in the respective Technical Review Reports. We have also got updates regarding the extension of the Don Sahong hydropower project, as well as the Sekong A hydropower project’s transboundary environmental impact assessment. All of these are of great interest of the stakeholders.

Objective and expected outcomes

The overall aim of the 14th RSF is to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge and facilitate collaborative efforts among stakeholders to address key issues related to hydropower development, basin management, and community engagement in the Mekong River Basin.

It is expected that the 14th RSF will afford the attendees the opportunity to:

  • Gain insights into updates on various hydropower projects along the Mekong mainstream and tributary, allowing them to stay informed about ongoing developments and potential impacts on the region’s environment and communities.
  • Discuss and learn about the latest findings from the SOBR 2023, enabling the them to understand the current state of the Mekong River Basin and provide valuable insights and inputs on how stakeholders can collaboratively implement the recommendations outlined in the report.
  • Receive updates on the progress of the MRC Mobile App and provide recommendations on how the app could effectively meet the needs of communities along the Mekong River.
Target Participants

All are welcome to the forum. In particular, we encourage the participation from:

Government officials from MRC Member Countries, including the National Mekong Committee Secretariats, as well as implementing agencies related to energy, environment, fisheries, irrigation, and other water-related developments.

  • MRC Dialogue Partners: China and Myanmar.
  • The private sector, including hydropower dam developers and others engaged in hydropower management, development or investment, of dam projects along both the Mekong mainstream and its tributaries.
    Interested MRC Development Partners.
  • Representatives of civil society organizations, riverine communities and research institutes.
  • Any other interested parties from inside or outside the Mekong region.

The draft programme will be made available soon on this space. Please visit again.

Forum Logistics
Date and Venue

The 14th RSF will take place on 12 June 2024, at the Headquarters of the MRC Secretariat, in Vientiane, Lao PDR. The event will be broadcast live on the MRC’s Facebook page.


MRC Secretariat

Room: Mekong Conference

184 Fa Ngoum Road Unit 18, 

Ban Sithane Neua, Sikhottabong District

Vientiane 01000, Lao PDR

On Google Map:

Language of the Forum

English will be the Forum’s primary medium of communication. However, to increase engagement, translation into certain riparian languages (i.e. Khmer, Laotian, Thai and/or Vietnamese) will be provided, based on the need. Please indicate the need in your registration. 



Participation is open to all and free of charge. However, registration is required. Online registration is now open and will close on 31 May 2024. Click here to register.


Financial Support

Limited financial assistance is available for participants from civil society and community-based organizations who face financial difficulty. The aim is to facilitate the greatest possible diversity in our meaningful dialogue. If you need this support, please indicate that in your Registration Form.


Logistical Note

If you’re travelling from outside Lao PDR to join us in person, please consult our Logistical Note, which will be posted here as soon as it becomes available. This will assist you with your travel and stay during the course of the Forum. 

Relevant Documents of the Forum

To ensure the meaningful participation of all stakeholders, the MRC Secretariat will post below each of the documents as they become available, including PowerPoint Presentations to be discussed at the event. Please do visit this space from time to time for updates.


If you have any question about logistics, participation, media or anything else, please let us know.


For Logistics:

Ms Malinya Phetsikhiaw

M&E Assistant
MRC Secretariat


For Media  

Ms Mao Chandaly

Communication Officer for Press
MRC Secretariat


For Participation

Mr Meas Sopheak
Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
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