The Mekong River Commission has opened registration for the 13th MRC Regional Stakeholder Forum, a platform for interested parties to hear updates about hydropower and other developments along Southeast Asia’s largest river, which affects tens of millions of people.

The December 12-13 RSF will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, while simultaneously broadcast live online. Not only will various stakeholders hear the latest reports on various projects along the river, but will have the opportunity to share their insights, opinions and concerns.

The Forum itself represents part of the MRC mission, which is for the intergovernmental agency – comprised of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam – to serve as a transparent “knowledge hub” and facilitating “water diplomacy” platform.

Objectives and Topics

Among the key agenda items is for attendees to learn of the early findings from the landmark “Joint Study” between the MRC and the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Water Center on behalf of the 6 riparian Mekong-Lancang countries. (The Mekong is known as the Lancang in China.) That Joint Study, which was launched in June this year at the 12th Regional Stakeholder Forum, aims to understand changing flow regime due to climate and developments, to enhance information sharing about the impact of reservoir operations on the Mekong’s water flow, water release and water quality as well as seek solutions to mitigate and adapt to impacts. Such data also serves as an early warning to the millions of fishing and farming families as well as countries downstream, which enables them to plan accordingly for any changes, and to take advantage of opportunities.

Other agenda topics during the 1.5-day event will include:

  • How the MRC’s new integrated river and environmental monitoring system, known as the Core River Monitoring Network, is crucial to safeguarding the Mekong’s health.
  • Updates on several hydropower projects (HPP), including the Don Sahong HPP, the Sanakham HPP, the Sekong A HPP, and the proposed Phou Ngoy HPP.
  • Discussion of how HPP development impacts Mekong fisheries and livelihoods, including mitigation measures, alternate sources of income, and other forms of “sustainable living.”
  • Discussion of how to enhance the partnership among the MRC, civil society organizations and the private sector – particularly, how to make that partnership more inclusive in the water sector. Projects that promote gender inclusion/equality will be discussed, too.

The draft programme will be posted here.

Expected Outcomes

We expect that by the end of the Forum:

  • Participants will hear the latest MRC updates around various development activities in the Lower Mekong River Basin, thus increasing their appreciation of these activities.
  • Participants will recognize the need for developing measures to adapt to the changing flow regime of the Mekong River. They’ll provide useful feedback of various adaptation measures, for how the six Mekong countries effectively address these risks.

Participants will appreciate the importance of working together to address common challenges in the Basin and why gender inclusion in the water sector is critical in this task.

Target Participants

All are welcome to the forum. In particular, we encourage the participation from:

  • Government officials from MRC Member Countries, including the National Mekong Committee Secretariats, as well as implementing agencies involved with hydropower project development and energy portfolio planning and management.
  • MRC Dialogue Partners: China and Myanmar.
  • The private sector, including hydropower dam developers and others engaged in hydropower management, development or investment, of dam projects along both the Mekong mainstream and its tributaries.
  • Interested MRC Development Partners.
  • Representatives of civil society organizations, riverine communities and research institutes.

Any other interested parties from inside or outside the Mekong region.

Forum Logistics

Date and Venue 

The 13th RSF will take place in Ho Chi Minh City of Viet Nam. A specific venue will soon be posted here. The event will be broadcast live on each of the MRC’s social media platforms: 

Facebook    Twitter    LinkedIn    YouTube

Language of the Forum

English will be the Forum’s medium of communication. 


Participation is open to all and free of charge. However, registration is required. Online registration is now open and will close on 4 December 2022. To register, visit this link:

Financial Support 

Limited financial assistance is available for participants from civil society and community-based organizations who face financial difficulty. The aim is to facilitate the greatest possible diversity in our meaningful dialogue. If you need this support, please indicate that in your Registration Form.

Logistical Note

If you’re travelling from outside Viet Nam (or Ho Chi Minh City) to join us in person, please consult our Logistical Note, which will be posted here as soon as it becomes available. This will assist you with your travel and stay during the course of the Forum. 

Relevant Documents of the Forum

To ensure the meaningful participation of all stakeholders, the MRC Secretariat will post below each of the documents as they become available, including PowerPoint Presentations discussed at the event. Please do visit this space from time to time for updates.


If you have any questions about logistics, participation, media or anything else, please let us know.

For Logistics:

Ms Soukouman Viravong
Administration Assistant
MRC Secretariat


For Participation and Media:

Mr Sopheak Meas
Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
Interim Press Officer
MRC Secretariat