PNPCA Working Group (PNPCA JCWG): MRC Joint Committee members have assigned up to four representatives from their respective countries to assist with the PNPCA process as part of a Joint Committee Working Group. The PNPCA JCWG is an advisory body and will meet to guide the Secretariat in facilitating the process and discuss emerging issues. The PNPCA JCWG’s function is to assist the MRC JC in implementing the PNPCA and provide necessary guidance to the MRC Secretariat in relation to those notified projects that call for prior consultation or agreement according to the principles and steps set out in the 1995 Mekong Agreement. The PNPCA JCWG held its first meeting on 26 October 2010 in Vientiane. The PNPCA WG held its 2nd Meeting which included a field visit to the proposed Xayaburi site on 29-30 November 2010.

Individual country representatives of the JCWG will brief their JC members in preparing their PNPCA country responses as required under the PNPCA.

MRCS PNPCA Task Group (PNPCA TG): The MRCS PNPCA TG is a technical body within the MRCS with the function to assist, facilitate and perform the work for the PNPCA JCWG in relation to a prior consultation on submitted projects.

The Task Group will synthesize the results of their analysis and assessment for reporting to the PNPCA JCWG, and the Joint Committee for consideration. The PNPCA TG will elaborate a technical MRC Prior Consultation Review Report.

The MRCS PNPCA Task Group receives support from international and regional, Sector Expert Groups on fields that need special attention such as fisheries and sediments.

Sector Expert Groups: In the framework of the PNPCA TG, the MRCS has set up two Senior Expert Groups. The Sector Expert Groups cover topics that require special consideration in the context of the proposed Xayaburi hydropower project: fisheries and sediments. The Fisheries and Sediment Expert Group consisting of senior international experts and regional specialists met for the first time in early December 2010.