Request for Quotations: IT Equipment

Invitation No. RFQ17-141

The Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) is now inviting your Company to submit the sealed Quotation for the supply of IT equipment for the MRCS.

The Technical Specifications and Quantities of equipment are provided in the Annex I attached.

  1. The quotation shall be quoted in USD for a fixed price excluded all taxes and remaining valid at least for 30 days after the deadline for submission of quotations. 
  2. Documents to be provided with the bid:
    • The Bid Submission Form: The format is provided in the Annex II for your use. A format is attached as example. 
    • Copy of a valid certificate of the authorized dealer in the region (for the offered equipment branch if available)
    • Evidence proving that the company has branch/office in Lao PDR for after sale services.

The quotation shall be submitted to MRC Procurement Unit not later than 17 November 2017, 3:00 PM a sealed envelope clearly marked “RFQ17-141 Supply of IT equipment; - DO NOT OPEN BEFORE SUBMISSION DEADLINE”. The sealed envelope shall be addressed to the Mekong River Commission Secretariat at the following address:

Mekong River Commission Secretariat
Administration Division
Procurement Unit
P.O. Box 6101, Unit 18 Ban Sithane Neua
Sikhottabong District, Vientiane 01000, Lao PDR
Tel: (856) 21 263 263; Fax: (856) 21 263 264

Alternatively, bidders have the option of submitting their Quotation electronically by email to the Procurement team account: The subject of the email should be clearly marked “RFQ17-141 Supply of IT equipment; - DO NOT OPEN BEFORE SUBMISSION DEADLINE”.

E-mails will be opened only after the submission deadline and at the time of the opening session.

Please be aware that bids not emailed to the Procurement team account: will be rejected. Bids received after the deadline for bid submission will also be rejected. As an email may take some time to arrive after it is sent, especially if it contains a lot of information, we advise all bidders to send email submissions well before the deadline.

3. MRCS may annul the bidding process and reject all quotations at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the bidders, according to the revised Procurement Manual posted in MRC website: 

4. MRCS will evaluate quotations received on the item basis and Purchase Order will be awarded to the supplier(s) whose quotation is substantially technical compliant and lowest offer.

5. The equipment shall be delivered at MRCS Office within 4-6 weeks after issuance of the Purchase Order. Failure to respect the delivery date gives MRCS the right to cancel the Purchase Order.
6. Full payment will be paid to the Supplier’s bank account within 30 days after delivery and upon receive the original invoice duly accepted by MRCS.

7. MRCS as International Organization is exempted from import taxes/VAT to its member countries – Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Support to clearance documents will be provided if required.


RFQ17-141 Tender dossier and Annexes


Procurement Contact

P.O. Box 6101, 184 Fa Ngoum Road, Unit 18

Ban Sithane Neua, Sikhottabong District, Vientiane 010000, Lao PDR

Telephone: (856-21) 263 263

Facsimile: (856-21) 263 264