Publications related to Climate Change

MEKONG DELTA Issue paper 7 Sep 17 for web 1  

Transboundary Water Resources Management Issues in the Mekong Delta of Cambodia and Viet Nam

This technical report explains priority issues for the management of water resources in the Mekong Delta across Cambodia and Viet Nam. The issues identified include lack of strategic transboundary management plan of flood and drought control, uncoordinated development of water infrastructure and limited monitoring network on hydrological, meteorological and water quality data. This is a joint paper produced by the two countries under the Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Project.

Published on: 7th Sep 2017
File size: 2.7 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Climate Change, Fisheries, Flood & Drought


Waste Management Guidelines (WMG)

Prepared for Chiang Saen Commercial Port Area

Set out guidance on how to reduce and eliminate the dumping of waste into marine environment, to review existing facilities for port and vessel waste management and to develop a comprehensive waste management plan for Chiang Saen Commercial Port.

Published on: 28th Oct 2013
File size: 2.6 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Climate Change, Basin Planning, People, Environmental Health


Working Paper 2011-2015

The Impact & Management of Floods & Droughts in the Lower Mekong Basin & The Implications of Possible Climate Change

Published on: 31st Mar 2012
File size: 5 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Basin Planning, Climate Change, Flood & Drought

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