Strategy and Work Programmes


Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Published on: 26th Jan 2011
File size: 4 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Basin Planning


MRC Work Programme 2010

The MRC Work Programme 2010 describes the supporting outputs MRC will produce in the course of the year to further the Mekong Programme. The structure of the programme is mainly based on the MRC Strategic Plan 2006-2010.

Published on: 1st Dec 2009
File size: 13 MB - Language: English


MRC’s Role in Agriculture and Agricultural Water Management

Strategy Paper

Published on: 10th Sep 2009
File size: 410 KB - Language: English
Topic(s): Agriculture & Irrigation


Communications Strategy

Published on: 1st Jul 2009
File size: 373 KB - Language: English


MRC Work Programme 2009

Published on: 1st Dec 2008
File size: 1.3 MB - Language: English


MRC Work Programme 2008

Published on: 1st Dec 2007
File size: 1.1 MB - Language: English


MRC Work Programme 2007

Published on: 1st Dec 2006
File size: 1.3 MB - Language: English


MRC Work Programme 2006

Published on: 1st Dec 2005
File size: 966 KB - Language: English


Strategic Plan 2006 - 2010

Meeting the needs, keeping the balance

Published on: 1st Jan 2005
File size: 1 MB - Language: English


MRC Navigation Strategy

Based on the review insights four core roles and five strategic areas of intervention were identified for the Mekong River Commission to involve in navigation development. The Strategy has been formulated in close cooperation with MRC member countries and regional development partners through a participatory process of national and regional consultation visits and workshops.

Published on: 1st Aug 2003
File size: 1.5 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): River Transport

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