Social Impact Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment, Report on a Regional Pilot Study for the Mekong Corridor

MRC Technical Paper No.30

Published on: 1st Dec 2010
File size: 5.9 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Environmental Health, People


Rapid Basin-wide Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Tool (RSAT)

Joint Initiative

An innovative new assessment tool that helps identify, in as little as a week, the most sustainable sites, designs and operation rules for hydropower development in the lower Mekong River Basin.

Published on: 1st Sep 2010
File size: 1.8 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Sustainable Hydropower


MRC Annual Mekong Flood Report 2009

Published on: 1st Jul 2010
File size: 3.7 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Flood & Drought


Impacts Of Climate Change And Development On Mekong Flow Regimes First Assessment - 2009 (Technical Paper)

MRC Technical Paper No.29

This paper presents: (i) the framework of the climate change analysis and its application to the (BDP) Scenarios; (ii) the results of the Decision Support Framework (DSF) models for the analysis of the climate change impacts and the selected BDP Scenarios on flow regimes; and (iii) recommendations for further studies to identify suitable adaptation strategies for dealing with such impacts.

Published on: 1st Jun 2010
File size: 4 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Climate Change, Basin Planning


The Mekong River Report Card On Water Quality

Volume 2

Published on: 1st Jun 2010
File size: 2.4 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Environmental Health


Biomonitoring Methods for the Lower Mekong Basin

This technical handbook has been designed for use by environmental agency staff and scientists in the MRC Member Countries, and covers practical methodologies on biomonitoring as a tool for evaluating the ecological health of the Mekong River.

Published on: 1st Apr 2010
File size: 1.7 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Environmental Health


Preliminary Report On Low Water Level Conditions In The Mekong Mainstream

Published on: 5th Mar 2010
File size: 1.8 MB - Language: English


Report On The 2008 Bio-Monitoring Survey Of The Lower Mekong River And Selected Tributaries

MRC Technical Paper No.27

This report describes the biomonitoring survey conducted in 2008 in the lower Mekong River and which contribute to the evaluation of the overall ecological health of the river.

Published on: 1st Feb 2010
File size: 1.7 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Environmental Health, Fisheries


Multi-functionality of Paddy Fields Over the Lower Mekong Basin

MRC Technical Paper No.26

This paper describes the multifunctional roles of paddy fields in the LMB region which analysed in selected areas in Viet Nam and Thailand. In Viet Nam, the study focused on the Mekong Delta region whereas in Thailand it focused on the Northeastern region of the country.

Published on: 1st Feb 2010
File size: 19 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): Agriculture & Irrigation


State of the Basin Report 2010

This report builds on the first State of the Basin Report, which was published in 2003. It describes the status of fisheries, forestry, agriculture, hydropower, water quality, wetlands, navigation and trade, climate change and flood management in the LMB and the interactions between them.

Published on: 1st Jan 2010
File size: 43 MB - Language: English
Topic(s): River Transport, Environmental Health, Fisheries, Flood & Drought, Climate Change, Sustainable Hydropower, Basin Planning, Agriculture & Irrigation, People

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