Catch & Culture Vol. 16, No. 2


Vientiane, Lao PDR, 01 Aug 2010 - 30 Nov 2010

Many dams and irrigation schemes are planned on the Mekong and its tributaries, which will have major consequences for the environment and fisheries and the millions of people who depend upon them; this issue summarises how development scenarios assessed under the Basin Development Plan could affect the yield of fisheries from the lower Mekong Basin.

Also covered is the subject of fisheries monitoring by riparian fisheries scientists as they seek to integrate data collected across the MRC countries. The monitoring programmes provide information on the status and trends of fisheries, and also provide an important baseline for assessing impacts of fisheries management and development activities. Recent archaeological studies in Cambodia discussed in this issue show the long history of fisheries in the basin, and a change from a hunting lifestyle to a more settled rice-fish culture. Other subjects covered include fish feeds, aquarium fish, management of Mekong giant catfish, the growth in recreational fishing, Cambodia’s national fish day and others.


Table of Contents

  1. Basin Development Plan and Fisheries
  2. Future innovations needed to help basin meet challenges of dam development
  3. Integrating data from fisheries monitoring programmes in the Lower Mekong Basin
  4. Late prehistoric site in Cambodia yields thousands of fish bones from 18 families
  5. Delta company markets feed developed with research institute
  6. Feed production development in Lao PDR
  7. In terms of effluent discharge, farmed catfish seem to compare favourably with other cultured species
  8. Special insert: Promoting Aquaculture for Disabled Veterans
  9. Export ambitions in aquarium trade lead to new Vietnamese research into koi
  10. Sixth meeting of Mekong giant catfish working group held in Thailand
  11. A restaurant with rods, a garden of dreams
  12. Cambodian fish yield estimate rises in 2009
  13. With Phnom Penh move, fisheries programme will return to natural home
  14. Australian genetic study reappraises evolution of Asian snakeheads
  15. Navigating changing waters
  16. Investment principles for developing sustainable aquaculture to feed the poor
  17. To what extent do subsidies to the fisheries sector violate WTO rules?


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