Catch & Culture Vol. 16, No. 1


Vientiane, Lao PDR, 31 May 2010 - 31 May 2010

In this edition of Catch and Culture, our first for 2010, we highlight fisheries issues raised at the Mekong River Commission Summit in April, the first since the MRC was set up in 1995.

In this issue:

  1. Editorial
  2. Mekong leaders commit lower basin countries to better fisheries management
  3. Third Phase of Mekong River Commission Fisheries Programme takes shape
  4. With fewer fry from upstream, Tonle Sap dai fishery catch declines in latest season
  5. Exotic carps and tilapia found to have mild impact on native Mekong species
  6. Catfish exports suffer first decline ever but performance still better than expected
  7. Ornamental fish farms flourish in Viet Nam with both exotic and native species
  8. Rich diversity of self-recruiting aquatic animals awaits Mekong rice farmers
  9. Cambodian farmer succeeds with artificial propagation of native catfish
  10. Global catfish standards imminent as Pangasius Aquaculture Dialogue winds up
  11. Conservative estimate shows Lower Mekong Basin’s inland fisheries worth up to $7 billion a year
  12. How healthy is the Mekong?
  13. Fish foot fad spreads to Lao capital


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Editorial Panel

  • Editor: Peter Starr
  • Mr Xaypladeth Choulamany, Fisheries Programme Coordinator
  • Mr Kent Hortle, Fisheries Programme Chief Technical Advisor
  • Dr Suchart Ingthamjitr, Fisheries Programme Officer
  • Ms Pham Mai Phuong, Fisheries Programme Officer
  • Mr Kaviphone Phouthavongs, Fisheries Programme Officer
  • Mr Buoy Roitana, Fisheries Programme Officer
  • Mr Damian Kean, MRC Communications Officer

Design and cover illustration: Phannavanh Anoulack



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