MRC consultation regarding mainstream Mekong dams

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 4th Jan 2010 - 30th Jun 2010

Submissions are invited to the team working for the MRC on the Strategic Environmental Assessment, which is examining the 11 mainstream hydropower dams currently proposed by the private sector along the Mekong. Your submission will form an important input into the analysis.

Please note: Representative extracts taken from submissions may be published by the MRC. If you do not wish to have your name attributed to any part of your submission in a public forum, please indicate that you would like to remain anonymous. Your contact information will not be shared with any third party. Submissions made under false names or pseudonyms; or that appear to be an attempt to impersonate a third party will not be considered.

Please limit your submissions to 2000 words or less. If you have additional supporting documents, such as scientific or consultant’s reports, published or peer reviewed data, photographs or other evidence, please include these as attachments to your submission via the e-mail address: Please ensure that these do not exceed 5 MB.

If you wish to make your submission in Cambodian, Lao, Thai or Vietnamese languages, please do so through the e-mail address: If you chose to send any additional material in any of these riparian languages, please provide a one page abstract in English as well.

Deadline for receiving submissions is 31 March 2010 to ensure that they are considered or reflected in the baseline-assessment of the SEA.

Stakeholders are free to make a submission using this procedure at any time up to the planned completion of the SEA in June 2010. The MRC Secretariat will continue to review any submissions received after 31 March 2010 and make them available to the SEA team.

Submissions Received from Interested and Affected Parties

The MRC has received a large number of submissions from members of the public, civil society and other private organizations. A selection of these will continue to be posted on this page. A number of other submissions indicating individual preferences for or against dam projects were also received.

All submissions made to this forum will be passed onto the consultants currently writing the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the proposed mainstream Mekong hydropower dams.

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