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Mekong Flood Forecasting Webpage in Five Languages

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 06 Sep 2018

The MRC cuts the last mile even shorter between its Mekong flood forecasting and the public. The full webpage with flood forecasting in the lower Mekong basin is now available in five languages of English, Lao, Khmer, Thai and Vietnamese. It provides flood information in 22 stations which are being monitored along mainstream of the Mekong river. The stations update daily hydrological information during the flood season including daily water level data and daily rainfall data.

The website in 5 languages2

 The Mekong Flood Forecasting website is available in 5 languages

 This is a big effort by the MRC to support its audience various from government agencies, academic institutes, developers, civil society organisations, media to ordinary people who live along the Mekong river in the four member countries so they can access flood status on the Mekong river using their local languages. 

The MRC targets this improvement for TV stations in the region to display flood situations directly and crystal-clearly to Mekong public, especially during flood season. The MRC encourages radio broadcasters and newspapers in the region to use the webpage in the national languages to inform public about flood situation and stages. The Mekong River Commission approaches its dialogue partner, China and the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation, for provision of forecasts at the Jinghong hydro-meteorological station so the audience can have update of the whole Mekong river including the part in China.

The English version is available here.

The Khmer version is available here.

The Lao version is available here.

The Thai version is available here.

The Vietnamese version is available here.

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