Training and Final Workshop on PEER Project 3-100: Building Mekong Genetic Biodiversity Network

Siem Reap, Cambodia, 08 Jun 2018

The Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are co-organising a training and final workshop of the PEER (Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research) Project 3-100: Building Mekong Genetic Biodiversity Network on 12-14 June 2018 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The PEER project, a three-year USAID-funded project implemented in the lower Mekong basin through a consortium of five partner institutions, is to enhance partnerships between US researchers and scientists/engineers of developing countries to address challenges in global development. It is also to initiate a systematic genetic sampling methodology of important representative fish of the Mekong River and in this process, build a strong biodiversity research network among scientists from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam.


The workshop offers a platform to participants to share experiences and lessons learned from an intensive three-year PEER project on the endangered genetic biodiversity in the lower Mekong basin. Specifically, it is set to:

    • present and discuss the final results of each participating team for improving fisheries management and biodiversity conservation capacities through a better understanding of both species-specific and riverscape genetics
    • present and discuss on test biogeographic hypotheses relating to determinants of ecological versus evolutionary time scale processes
    • summarise the final outcomes and achievements of the three years’ project
    • discuss the long-term genetic monitoring of economically and ecologically important species of the MRB, and
    • plan a possible future collaboration among project partners to maintain the built Mekong Genetic Biodiversity Network.

Partner institutions and participants

The workshop will bring together some 47 international specialists, US project’s partners and regional experts from other PEER projects across the lower Mekong basin countries.

They include participants from the MRCS, USAID, Old Dominion University in the United States, Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute of Cambodia, Living Aquatic Resources Research Center of Lao PDR, the Ubonrachthani University of Thailand, and Nha Trang University and Can Tho University of Viet Nam.

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