Stakeholder Regional Workshop on Mitigation Assessment

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, 28th Jun 2010 - 29th Jun 2010

The "Mitigation Assessment" Phase of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of proposed hydropower schemes on the mainstream Mekong included a Stakeholder Regional Workshop on Mitigation Assessment.

The SEA process is comprised of the following phases:

  1. Scoping of key strategic issues to be addressed by the SEA
  2. Baseline Assessment of the key issue
  3. Risk and Opportunities assessment
  4. Avoidance, Enhancement and Mitigation
  5. Final reporting

The Workshop discussed measures and suggestions from the SEA Study on mitigation of risks and enhancement of benefits identified in the impact assessment of the Basin Development Plan 20 year scenario 'Lower Mekong Basin with mainstream hydropower development.' The Workshop aimed to obtain inputs from governments and stakeholders as well as to discuss next steps in the SEA of proposed hydropower dams on the mainstream Mekong.

The workshop was hosted by the Viet Nam National Mekong Committee and the Mekong River Commission through the Initiative on Sustainable Hydropower.

Details of the SEA consultation and all outputs are found here.

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