Sister Lakes Recommit to Joint Learning for Better Lake Governance

Bangkok, Thailand, 7th Jul 2016 - 7th Jul 2016

Bangkok, Thailand, 7 July 2016 – Sister lakes of Cambodia’s Tonle Sap and Thailand’s Songkhla Lake reaffirmed their commitment to the improvement of lake governance through joint learning activities, as the both sides met in Bangkok to discuss how to proceed with their sister lakes’ communication outreach project.

SisterLakes BKK7Jul16

The project is one of the five bilateral projects funded by the World Bank to promote integrated water resources management through dialogue in the sub-basins of the Mekong River. It aims to promote healthy lake governance and improve livelihoods of the lake communities through community outreach and joint learning.

With more than 20 years of experience in community-based lake basin management, the Songkhla’s working group is proactive in community-based activities to promote sustainable fisheries, to improve livelihood through community empowerment, and to manage community adaptation of climate change.

Meanwhile, Cambodia takes a more government-led approach to the lake management. The Tonle Sap Authority is leading the development and management of the lake with support from Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology and its line agencies. Cambodia recently identified a pilot community for joint learning on the three themes of fisheries, community empowerment and climate change adaption.

During the meeting, the both sides reported on their national and joint activities on the lake project and shared a plan for further activities at the both local, joint and regional levels. Aiming to connect their local activities to joint and regional learning initiatives, the two sides reviewed the action plan and identified linkage between those activities. Through joint activities, they plan to build a network of both lake communities, produce a report on good governance in the three themes, and conduct a social campaign to raise awareness on the lake governance issues.

“We wish to learn from the Songkhla Lake, because it has done a lot,” said Cambodia’s national coordinator for the bank-funded bilateral projects, Watt Kosal. He emphasised that joint learning activities between the pilot sites would provide people in the communities ample opportunities to learn from their counterparts and improve the overall lake governance.



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