ISH0306 training workshop and DG consultation final

Regional Training Workshop on ISH0306 & Consultation with Developers on DG2018 (open to developers and consultants)

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 22 Dec 2017

MRCS is arranging a Regional Training Workshop on 1) Hydropower Environmental Impact Mitigation for the Lower Mekong Basin (ISH0306) & a Consultation with Developers on 2) Review and Update of the Design Guidance for Proposed Mainstream (and Tributary) Dams on 23-25 January 2018 at the Office of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat in Vientiane, Lao PDR. Details of the two events are given below. 

Regional Training Workshop on Hydropower Environmental Impact Mitigation for the Lower Mekong Basin, 23rd – 24th January 2018

The project (study) ISH0306: Development of Guidelines for Hydropower Environmental Impact Mitigation and Risk Management in the Lower Mekong Mainstream and Tributaries has reached its closure and will undergo a final regional consultation among MRC Member Countries just before this Training Workshop. MRC government representatives will also attend this Training Workshop.

The overall goal of the project is “to provide measures, guidelines, best practice and state of the art impact mitigation approaches for the sustainable development of hydropower in the Lower Mekong Basin and tributaries». The project outputs are reflected in 6 volumes:

I.   Hydropower Risks and Impact Mitigation Guidelines and Recommendations
II.  Hydropower Risks and Impact Mitigation Manual – Key Hydropower Risks, Impacts and Vulnerabilities and General Mitigation Options for Lower Mekong
III. Knowledge Base Report – Structure, Usage and Update on Regional and International Practise
IV.  Case Study Report – Modelling, Scenarios and Impact Mitigation Assessment
V.   Discussion Note on the Proposed Update of the Preliminary Design Guidance (PDG)
VI.  Final Closure Report

Training Workshop Objectives

  1. Introduce the ISH0306 Guidelines, Manual, Knowledge Base and Case Study and its Mitigation Approaches and Techniques
  2. Review hydropower engineering design and operational responses as suggested by the Mitigation Guidelines 
  3. Obtain feedback on further research needs and training requirements 

Consultation with Developers on Review and Update of the Design Guidance for Proposed Mainstream (and Tributary) Dams, 25th January 2018

Following the ISH0306 project MRC is commencing the project DG2018: Review and Update of the Design Guidance for Proposed Mainstream and (Tributary) Dams. Under Outcome 3 of the MRC Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (SP), Member Countries commit themselves to “Guidance for the development and management of water and related projects and resources being shared and applied by national planning and implementing agencies”.

According to SP Output 3.1, the updated Design Guidance for Proposed Mainstream and (Tributary) Dams on the Lower Mekong Basin aims to provide contemporary, research-based performance standards, design and operating principles for mitigation measures, as well as compliance monitoring and adaptive management. This updated Design Guidance will provide developers and MRC Member Countries with a technical review framework for proposed dams that undergo the Notification and the Prior Consultation Process as defined by the PNPCA.

During the first half of 2018 all sections of the current PDG will be reviewed, and additional sections proposed to provide a sound basis. The review will draw on lessons learned from past PNPCA and inputs from MRC Member Countries and stakeholders. The intention is that the MRC Joint Committee endorses the updated Design Guidance during the third quarter of 2018; its standards shall remain appropriate for development that may take place in the next five to ten years.

Hydropower developers and their consultants, as the primary users of the Design Guidance, need to be involved in the review and update process. As first steps, feedback from user was shared during an MRC Forum in August 2017 (cf. documentation) and feedback on the concept for the review and update was sought during December 14th – 15th at a general Stakeholder Forum (cf. documentation).

The present event takes the form of a targeted working session, mainly focussing at private sector representatives. Selected MRC government representatives may also choose to participate. A Draft Discussion Note with recommendations for review and update (cf. Volume 5 under the ISH0306 project) will be shared with participants beforehand as a basis for discussion during the Consultation.

Consultation Meeting Objectives

  1. Inform developers (and their consultants) of hydropower projects on the Mekong mainstream and tributaries about the applicability and usefulness of the current Design Guidance
  2. Seek feedback on both general considerations and specific performance standards that should either be added or revised as input for further discussion within MRCS expert teams and with MRC Member Countries


Participation to the Training Workshop and Consultation Meeting is limited to 20 private sector representatives (developers and consultants) only, on a first come, first served basis. We expect to have 1-2 staff per organization/company, who are responsible for one or more of the following areas with regard to hydropower design and impact mitigation:

I. Sediment & Hydrology

      • Sediment management and river morphology assessment
      • Hydrology and hydraulics assessment

II. Fish & Socio-Economic Impact

      • Fisheries-related assessment and monitoring of transboundary environmental impact (including water quality and aquatic ecology)
      • Fish passage design; fish impact mitigation and compensation
      • Socio-economic assessments of transboundary impact

III. Dam Safety & Navigation

      • Dam safety assessments (also in a transboundary/cascade context)
      • Planning, design, operations and management of navigation locks

Private sector representatives are welcome to participate in these events. Participants may choose to attend only the Training Workshop or only the Consultation Meeting or both events. Participation is free of charge, but registration is required by 15 January 2018. To register for the events, please fill in the Registration Form. Interpretation to Chinese and other languages may be available upon request.

For other sectors, if you are interested in these events, please send a request email to Ms. Duong Hai Nhu at


1. Concept Note and Agenda of the Training Workshop and Consultation Meeting.

2. Draft Guideline - Discussion Note on proposed update of Preliminary Design Guidance and Hydropower Development Strategy

3. PPT. Overview, Structure and General Usage of the ISH0306 Guidelines and Manual

4. PPT. Guidelines and Recommendations for Mitigation of Hydrological and Flow Impacts

5. PPT. Guidelines and Recommendations for Mitigation of Geomorphological, Sediment and Water Quality Impacts

6. PPT. Guidelines and Recommendations for Mitigation of Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Impacts

7. PPT. Hydropower Design and Operational Responses to Mitigation Guidelines and Recommendations

8. PPT. Guidelines and Recommendations on Basin Wide Mitigation Techniques

9. PPT. An Introduction to how Hydro- and Morphodynamic Models can help Test Effectiveness of Mitigation Guidelines and its Measures

10. PPT. An Introduction on how to use Hydropower Models to assess the effect of Mitigation Measures on Hydropower generation

For more information, please contact

Mr. Palakorn Chanbanyong
Sustainable Hydropower Specialist, Office of the Secretariat in Vientiane
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Ms. Duong Hai Nhu
Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, Office of the Secretariat in Vientiane
T: (856-21) 263 263                   

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