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Hydropower Sustainability Forum Mekong+

21 Aug 2017


Jointly organized by MRC, GIZ GmbH and Multiconsult, the first Oslo Forum will take account of what has been developed, and is under development in the Mekong region. The Forum will also draw on similar sustainability initiatives internationally, specifically those related to sustainable hydropower development within the context of sound water resources management, and cater for extended dialogue between organizations and people working on this.

The Forum offers the opportunity to a wider group of practitioners, scientists, government representatives, basin organizations, cascade operators, industry and developers, funding agencies and other stakeholders interested in sustainable hydropower development to discuss best practice and New Frontiers for the sector. The organizers are keen to spark an active dialogue amongst the participants of the Forum and in this regard contribute to sustainability in the sector being addressed and taken forward. 

Forum Objectives

The Forum intends to

    • Inform and dialogue about Sustainable Hydropower initiatives, policies, guidelines, tools, processes and projects to assist basin organizations, cascade operators, governments, developers, academia, consultants and other stakeholders for future development.
    • Inform and dialogue about best practice and New Frontiers in sustainable hydropower development.
    • Extend the dialogue between, and learn from, basin management organizations dealing with basin scale hydropower planning, including those of cascade hydropower development
    • To raise awareness amongst the participants of efficient techniques, tools and guidelines for planning, management and implementation of sustainable hydropower

Target Groups

This Forum may be of interest to:

    • Government agencies, who have the responsibility to plan, manage and review the sustainability of hydropower schemes
    • River Basin Organizations that are involved in hydropower planning, management and operation
    • Cascade operators, Hydropower project developers and consultants with experience in informed and innovative solutions and contributions to the planning and implementation of sustainable hydropower development in a local, national as well as transboundary basin wide context.
    • Lecturers & Researchers involved in sustainable hydropower
    • Donor agencies and international associations, active in the hydropower sector
    • Civil Society involved in sustainable hydropower planning

Forum Process

Besides MRC work, the Forum will also draw on the initiatives of the World Bank and IHA, private developers, cascade operators, the scientific community, practitioners and the civil society. The role of other River Basin Organizations in hydropower planning will also be discussed. Best practice and lessons learned will be highlighted. An optional field trip shall offer first-hand insights into long-term experience with hydropower cascade development and operation.

The Forum will be arranged in five sessions featuring an interactive mix of presentations, panels and group discussions

    1. Opening and Keynote - “Managing the World’s River Basins: The Role of the Hydropower Sector for a Sustainable Future”
    2. Sustainable Hydropower Policy, Guidelines, and Planning
    3. Sustainable Hydropower Designs and Operation
    4. Governance, Cooperation, and Practice
    5. Forum Conclusion and Closing – “A way forward – New frontiers in improved planning, innovative practice and good governance”

Date and Venue

4-6 September 2017, Multiconsult, Nedre Skøyen vei 2, Oslo


Forum attendance is free of charge. Participants are expected to cover travel and accommodation expenses on their own.


To register for the forum, please contact Leif Birger Lillehammer (leif.birger.lillehammer@multiconsult) by 28 August 2017.

Administrative Note

Please click to download

Concept Note, Agenda and Program Field Trip

Please click to download: Concept Note, Agenda and Program Field Trip


The views expressed in the presentations and documents for download are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the conveners (MRC, Multiconsult, GIZ).

1st Session – Opening and Keynote Speech 

Keynote speech and discussion:

2nd Session - Policies, Guidelines and Planning



Inputs and Panel Discussion: The role of Science in Sustainable Hydropower and Water Resources Planning

Inputs and Panel Discussion: River Basin planning and Sustainable Hydropower

3rd Session – Sustainable Hydropower Design and Operation


Plenary Discussion: Forum Dialogue on Sustainable Hydropower Designs and Operation

4th Session – Governance, Cooperation and Practice

Inputs and Panel Discussion: Hydropower and Dams Climate Change Resilience and Adaption - International Initiatives

Inputs and Panel Discussion: Water and Hydropower Development the Role of Transboundary Cooperation

Inputs and Panel Discussion: Basin versus Project Planning: Who should do what and where? 

5th Session – Forum Conclusions and Closure: A Way Forward – New Frontiers in Improved Planning, Innovative Practice and Good Governance

Field Trip to Hunderfossen Power Plant 

Additional resources



Towards a paperless meeting!

To help preserve our environment, we hope to reduce the amount of paper we print for this meeting. May we advise participants to refer to the e-documents or please bring your own printouts to the meeting. Thank you!

For more information, please contact

Mr. Palakorn Chanbanyong
Sustainable Hydropower Specialist, Office of the Secretariat in Vientiane
T: (856-21) 263 263                         E:palakorn@mrcmekong.org 

Mr Leif Birger Lillehammer
Senior Advisor/Specialist – Water, Energy and Environment
T: (+47) 41 40 96 88                        E: leif.birger.lillehammer@multiconsult.no

Ms Maria Koenig
Advisor MRC-GIZ Programme, Vientiane
T: (856-20) 555 03971                      E:maria.koenig@giz.de 


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