Forum on Sustainable Hydropower Planning, 12-13 November 2015

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 13th Nov 2015

ISH Forum Group photo 11.2015 1

The Mekong River Commission held a Forum on Sustainable Hydropower Planning in Vientiane, Lao PDR on 12 – 13 November 2015. Following the successful Fish and Hydropower Workshop conducted in June 2015, the Forum aimed to engage and raise awareness of wider stakeholders including government officials, hydropower developers, academic and other interested stakeholders on recently developed MRC/ISH tools and guidelines. The Forum content included aspects of baseline information for hydropower planning and management, identification and planning around ecologically sensitive areas, multi-purpose economic evaluation of hydropower, rapid basin-wide hydropower sustainability assessment tool (RSAT), and mitigation guidelines for sustainable hydropower practice.  Beside presentations on the results and findings from various ISH studies including recommendations by international study teams the Forum also provided opportunities for in depth discussion with stakeholders on how these products/researches can be implemented in their practice. 

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You can find the relevant presentations from the Forum on the links here



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