River Monitoring

MRC's conducts river level monitoring all year and provides observations and forecasts. This information is supplied as a service to the governments of the MRC Member Countries so that it may be used as a tool within existing national disaster forecast and warning systems. Other organisations and individuals wishing to receive this information directly from the MRC Secretariat should contact the Regional Flood Management and Mitigation Centre.

Daily observation and forecast

Water level monitoring of 22 hydrological stations. For each station, daily information is available on the observed and forecasted water levels.

  • During the flood season (June to December), the updates are daily.
  • During the dry season (January to May), the updates are weekly every Monday 

Maps of the station location and summary reports for yearly observations are also available. more>>

Daily observation compared to long term average

Low water level monitoring is important in the dry season. MRC provides a daily graph of water levels compared to the long term average. more>>

Realtime observations (HYCOS)

Many of the hydrological stations are capable of delivering realtime information.  MRC provides updated water levels every 2 hours. The information is summarised for 24 hour and 30 day time periods. At present this service only works in Internet Explorer. Coming soon.