Improved Environmental & Socio-Economic Baseline Information for Hydropower Planning (ISH11)


The MRC ‘ISH11’ study “Improved Environmental and Socio-Economic Baseline Information for Hydropower Planning” commenced in November 2012 and addresses a fundamental aspect of the MRCS Basin Development Strategic Priority #3 to “Improve the Sustainability of Hydropower Development”. Good information underpins all aspects of hydropower development and management, and is vital to maximise opportunities and reduce risks across economic, social and environmental dimensions for all stakeholders.

ISH11 Implementation

The ISH11 study was carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, to review existing monitoring and information management systems at the MRC to assess how well they provide information to Member Countries for hydropower planning and management information needs. At this stage of the study, the team has:

  • reviewed information needs relevant to hydropower planning and management based on Mekong-specific issues and experiences elsewhere;
  • established a Guiding Framework for hydropower information needs relevant to the MRC;
  • completed a review of existing and presently-collected information for the Mekong;
  • identified gaps and opportunities with respect to the Guiding Framework; and
  • proposed improvements to address key gaps.

ISH11 Project Approach:

  1. REVIEW AND EVALUATE how well present information collected provides essential basin-wide hydropower information planning and management needs.
  3. TEST feasibility and value of recommended improvements
  4. RECOMMEND IMPLEMENTATION of the most feasible and high value improvements for long-term and basin-wide.