Development of guidelines on the multi-purpose evaluation of hydropower Project (ISH02)


The MRC’s Initiative for Sustainable Hydropower (ISH) seeks to propose sustainable hydropower considerations which can be integrated into the planning and regulatory frameworks of member countries. The purpose and need for the Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower and Multi-Purpose Project Portfolios (The Guidelines) developed under the ISH02 Project can be summarized as:

  • Current ways of planning hydropower schemes need to adequately take into account their wider social, economic and environmental implications. The key to integration of all costs and benefits into the national strategic planning approach is to identify credible values for these costs and benefits and then to “internalise” them into the normal economic analysis used to compare hydropower and multi-purpose options.
  • Multi-purpose uses of dams need to be considered at the outset of project and basin planning.

ISH02 Implementation

The Guidelines implementation follows a logical step by step approach, starting with procedures for identifying the problem, collecting the necessary data, carrying out analysis, involving stakeholders through a consultative process, using a spreadsheet model, and documenting the decision process.