Demonstration of Multi-functionality of Paddy Fields

The Demonstration of Multi-functionality of Paddy Fields (DMPF) Project was implemented under the former Agriculture, Irrigation and Forestry Programme (AIFP). The Project was primarily aiming to analyse various functions of paddy fields and their contributions on a basin-wide scale.

Apart from food production, paddy fields and paddy irrigation water have various functions including flood mitigation, ground water recharge, stabilising river flow and re-use of irrigation water, soil erosion control, landslide prevention, water purification, microclimate mitigation, protection of biodiversity, nurturing of aquatic ecosystems and aquaculture, organic waste processing and multiple domestic uses.

The first stage of the Project focused on data collection at both basin-wide and an experimental field plot level. Through this process, the Project created several useful outputs, such as:

  • Land use map, which differentiates paddy fields from other agricultural land use.
  • Monthly rice planted area map.
  • Comparison map of planted area and rainfall.
  • Reviewed and updated an irrigation scheme database: conducted basin-wide data collection on irrigation, land use, rice cropping, soil, climate, etc., and established a GIS database on rice farming and irrigation. Datasets are available through the Mekong River Commission (MRC) Data Portal.
  • Irrigation Water Use Assessment.
  • Map of monthly irrigation water use by scheme.

The second stage of the project focused on demonstrating selected functions using a quantified evaluation process. Two teams of regional consultants carried out this analysis work:

  • Thai team in North East Thailand examined three functions: flood mitigation, nurturing of aquatic ecosystems and maintenance of agro-ecosystem biodiversity, and buffering farmers against environmental risks.
  • Vietnamese team studied four functions in the Mekong Delta: flood mitigation, soil conservation, nurturing aqua-ecosystems and socioeconomic functions.

The results of this work were presented at the wrap-up workshop and Project reports are available in the MRC Agriculture and Irrigation Reports page.

Land Use. Source MRC

Month-by-month comparison of rice planted area & rainfall in the LMB. Source MRC

Monthly Changes of Rice planted area in the LMB. Source MRC

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