Completion of strategic cycle 2011-2015

Every five years the MRC updates its strategy for basin development to reflect and adapt to new trends, needs and challenges in water development and regional cooperation. The update also ensures that decision-making on water and related resources is based on up-to-date knowledge and feedback from stakeholders.

The 2011-2015 strategic period ended in December 2015. The MRC Programmes were the main vehicle for the fulfillment of the organisation’s mission and the implementation of its core functions under the Basin Development Strategy, and Strategic Plan for 2011-2015. At the end of the cycle, the programmes were phased out and each one produced a Completion Report to summarise results and achievements during the five-year period: 

Agriculture and Irrigation Programme - The main goals of the MRC’s Agriculture and Irrigation Programme were to improve irrigation and water use, and monitor land-use changes. more>>
Basin Development Plan Programme - According to the 1995 Agreement, the MRC is responsible for formulating the Basin Development Plan (BDP) to promote the coordinated development and management of the Mekong River Basin’s water and related resources in an integrated, sustainable, and equitable manner for the benefit of all riparian countries. more>>
Climate Change and Adaptation Initiative - Under the Environment Programme, the Climate Change and Adaptation Initiative focused on climate change impact assessments, and adaptation planning and implementation within the Mekong River Basin. more>>
drought thumbnail Drought Management Programme - The MRC’s Drought Management Programme (DMP) helped the riparian countries to prepare vulnerable communities for increasingly frequent and severe drought events through monitoring, analysis and implementation of regional drought adaptation and mitigation strategies. more>>
Environment Programme - The long-term goal is to ensure environmental and social sustainability of economic development within the region. more>>
Fisheries Programme - The MRC Fisheries Programme aimed to enhance and facilitate effective collaboration between the riparian countries to increase the contribution of fishery production to poverty-reduction and socioeconomic development. more>>
Flood Management and Mitigation Programme - At the heart of the programme was a Regional Flood Management and Mitigation Centre, which provides technical and coordination services to strengthen flood preparedness and emergency management in the Basin. more>>
Information and Knowledge Management Programme - The MRC's Information and Knowledge Management Programme (IKMP) facilitated access to and use of data, information and decision support tools necessary to promote and coordinate sustainable development of water and related resources in the Mekong Basin. more>>
Initiative on Sustainable Hydropower - The Lower Mekong Basin has become one of the most active regions in the world for hydropower development. The MRC is working with Mekong governments to develop coordinated and integrated impact assessments, consistent and fair mitigation measures, and hydropower development strategies and policies. more>>
Integrated Capacity Building Programme - provided training to the MRC Secretariat and National Mekong Committees in each country. The programme targets executive, professional and support staff of various agencies, and provides opportunities for young professionals to gain experience in MRC related activities. more>>
Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Project - The objective of the project is to strengthen IWRM while realising some of the large untapped potential of the Basin’s land and water resources. The project is implemented at the regional, national and transboundary levels, which form the three components of the project. more>>
Navigation Programme - The Mekong River is an important gateway to trade centres in the Southeast Asia region and beyond. The Navigation Programme analysed river transport systems and related activities in the Lower Mekong Basin, covering a network of 4,500 km of waterways. more>>

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